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Strunk is an established risk-management consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA. Historically, the organization primarily served the Financial Services sector. However, in the Spring of 2019, a new opportunity presented itself.

Strunk’s leadership team identified a path to expanding their reach into the technology space. They placed their newly hired Director of Business Development, Noah Rosenburg, in charge of leading the iniative. 

As a starting point, he needed to build an outbound process – and quickly.

The Challenge

With ambitious goals to meet in little time, Noah first needed to craft a scalable outbound process to engage a brand new market. Further, this all had to be built from the ground up. A compact team that traditionally relied on referrals and manual approaches wouldn't be enough. Instead, he had to reinvent the sales motion

The Solution

In the search for partners & solutions to help in the effort, Noah turned to the FoxBound team to get tactical advice and technology to support the initiative. Within a week, Noah’s team established their new outbound process with messaging, persons, segmentation and sales campaigns all fully implemented on FoxBound.

How FoxBound Delivers

Process Design

With content & guidance provided by the FoxBound team, Noah established new buying personas, messaging, and segmentation. In turn, he was able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution by delivering sales campaigns with the FoxBound platform. At this point, there was only one thing left to do. Put in the work.


Using DataScout for lead generation in tandem with Sales Navigator, Noah’s team can build lists with dozens of qualified prospects in 20 minute blocks. With Pursuit, Noah and his team can consistently delivered 150-200 personalized emails per day while also balancing pipeline & account management duties.

The Results

Within Two Months, Noah Sourced & Closed over 44% of his Annual Target

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Noah R.

Noah R.

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