Use Case

FoxBound for Inbound Conversion

Aligning with marketing to increase conversion quality and open more opportunities

Foxbound Inbound Conversion Use case
FoxBound for Inbound

Why focus on INBOUND conversions

  • Higher retention rate
  • Optimized acquisition costs
  • Higher average sales price
  • Increased win rate

We All Love "Low-Hanging" Fruit

But a Few Bad Practices & Obstacles Can Spoil the Effort

Low quality conversion

Unqualified or low-level leads entering the sales pipeline tends to wastes everyone's time. Especially true when an alternative is to convert a high value contact from an ideal, engaged account.

operational gaps

Manual, repetitive, or complex tasks create friction when it comes time for action. Mounting frustrations can reduce momentum in campaigns and reduce potential for success


Waiting too long to reach out or a placing a high amount of friction in the initial stages of the buyer's journey halts progression and minimized win probability


Feeding the sales funnel with 'fluff' is only good for consuming resources, wasting time, skewing marketing metrics and in turn - lengthening sales cycles.

Does that Ring a Bell?

Here's how to Course Correct


Instead of squeezing unqualified or low level contacts into the pipeline, engage your ideal segments and personas to to gain sponsorship and a huge head start.


Steve Jobs famously said of simplicity, "..once you get there, you can move mountains." For business development campaigns, reduced complexity can increase productivity


Put your best foot forward by delivering follow ups to leads in a tailored manner. Use tools to streamline your research and personalization process.

nurture, then convert

With the right sales automation processes, reps and frontline SDR's can nurture prospects until they've moved into a buying window - fostering an ideal sales cycle length.

How FoxBound Delivers

Quality Fuel for your Sales Funnel

Use FoxBound to Engage and Convert the Right Leads into Opportunities