Meet the "One-Stop Shop" for List-Building and Sales Outreach

Are you serious about building pipeline in 2020? Then you really should meet the platform making prospecting practical. Here’s what to expect in a 1:1 FoxBound demo:

  • A quick review of your current sales technology stack and the strategies you're looking to execute
  • Tailored demo of FoxBound based on obstacles, priorities, and areas of best fit
  • Assuming there's fit and we can provide value, we'll help you with starting your own FoxBound account
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Validated Contacts Created with DataScout
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Personalized Emails Sent with Pursuit
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Hours of Sales Productivity Saved

B2B Email Finder

Quickly create and store segmented, high-quality lists of contacts using the FoxBound’s lead-capture tool, DataScout. We take the pain out of prospecting so you can spend more time starting quality conversations!

Sales Automation

Designed for agility and ease-of-use. Picking up where legacy providers leave off, Pursuit allows you to efficiently research, personalize, and connect with prospects without the hassle of inefficient, manual workflows.

B2B Contact Database

Accelerate research and list-building with DataDen, a repository containing over 60 million verified contacts. Use powerful search filters to locate key prospects which can be easily uploaded to CRM & Pursuit.

We don't like to brag..


So we'll let our customers do the talking!

Noah R.

Noah R.

"A pivotal tool for building businesses...The #1 tool I utilize to do my job!"

Varun T.

Varun T.

"The perfect lead-generation software.. a one stop solution for email & lead-gen"

Geoff W.

Geoff W.

"FoxBound is awesome! It makes prospecting easy and the on-boarding is extremely intuitive."

Catalina M.

Catalina M.

"I don't have to go to 3 different prospecting tools anymore! It can all be done with FoxBound."

Well, are you ready to cross "Prospecting" off your to-do list?!

All you need to get started is a sales story, an ideal target prospect, and an email account. Your new friends at FoxBound deliver the rest!

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