Create lists of targeted prospects, automate time-draining tasks, and deliver personalized sequences – all in one platform! Your next opportunity is one email away. 

Meet the Platform Used by 300+ Companies Worldwide 👋​

Create New Sales Opportunities with FoxBound

We combined Sales Intelligence, Lead-Generation, and Sales Engagement tools to create the ultimate Sales Acceleration Stack for growth-minded companies. 


Tired of manually building lists of prospects? Try using DataScout to harness the world’s top database, LinkedIn. Now, you can compile a list of 100+ verified prospects in a matter of minutes!


Ready for a cold email solution that actually works? Personalization has never been easier. Leverage Pursuit to deliver targeted sales sequences.  And say goodbye to wasting hours on admin work!

"FoxBound gives us time back so we can focus our attention on closing prospects rather than just finding them.. In the first 2 months of using FoxBound, I sourced and closed 44% of my annual quota!"​


What Else Do You Get?

FoxBound delivers the critical technology you need to book meetings – plus a whole lot more. 

2-Minute Onboarding

Setup your account in the blink of an eye

Product-Led Enablement

Become a prospecting expert with hands-on tutorials

Self-Service Purchasing

Upgrade anytime with monthly or annual plans 

Top-Notch Support

Our support team is always here to help. 

Security & Compliance

Third-party tests have proven GDPR and CCPA compliance

AI-Driven List Building

Our validation algorithm is constantly learning!

Turnkey CRM Integrations

Instantly sync with HubSpot, Salesforce, Gmail, or Outlook 

Real Time Reporting

We make it easy to stay on top of open, click, and reply rates.

FoxBound's Commitment to Customer Success

Our team and technology works as hard as you do to help you meet your goals.

Unbeatable Value

When you move to FoxBound, you’ll get an enterprise-grade platform with affordable, flexible pricing. In other words, it’s off-the-charts ROI! 

Top-Notch Support

We’ve walked miles in your shoes and know sales isn’t easy. That’s why we work as hard as you do to make sure you’re equipped with the right resources to succeed. 

Relentless Innovation

Our R&D team is committed to delivering a world-class sales platform for years to come. By investing in FoxBound, you invest in rapid innovation. 

Stability & Security

It’s 2020. Security, privacy, and uptime is not a game. our crew works around the clock to ensure your information is safe and that the platform is running optimally. 

Curious What Others Are Saying?

“It’s like having an army of interns doing your busywork so you can focus on selling!”

Chrome Store
Finances Online
G2 Crowd

Noah R.


Director of Business Development

“FoxBound gives us time back so we can focus our attentions on closing prospects rather than finding them.”

Geoff W.


Senior Account Executive

“FoxBound is awesome! The onboarding is extremely intuitive and it makes prospecting easy.”

Scott G.

Inside Sales Manager

“I am on the road in the field 3-4 days a week in meetings and without this tool, I would not be able to prospect efficiently.”

The Sales Community Community ❤️'s FoxBound

Enable the Team

“A solid tool for B2B sales. Empowers front-line to discover and engage prospects”

- G2 Crowd Review

Fast Time-to-Value

“It is easy to use and there is immediate value. My job as a seller has been made much easier.”

- G2 Crowd Review

Easy Personalization

“The tool’s ability to personalize efficiently and very quickly is the best feature.”

- G2 Crowd Review

A Game Changer

“It’s a game-changing platform. The only thing that I don’t like is that we haven’t upgraded our account yet”

- G2 Crowd Review

Next Generation Tech

“This platform is nothing like I have ever experienced! Cutting edge tech!”

- Chrome Store

Verified Data

“Once linked to my account it helped me see who I’ve got available contact info for. Super useful!”

- G2 Crowd Review

Unleashed Productivity

“I don’t have to go to 3 prospecting tools anymore.. it can all be done with FoxBound!”

- Capterra Review

Take Back Time

“It’s such a seamless experience. If the team is reading this, keep it up guys! You guys saved me a lot of trouble and time!”

- Chrome Store Review

Fortune Favors The Bold

It's a crazy world out there. We're here to help you sell in it. Start for free and book a strategy session if you need extra help!


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