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Smarter Pipeline Generation

FoxBound combines lead intelligence, list-building, and sales automation to create a single platform for smarter pipeline generation. Did we mention it’s free to get started?

No tricks, no credit card, instant setup.

FoxBound - Smarter Pipeline Generation

Bring your sales strategy to life with the right tools.

B2B Email Finder

Quickly create and store segmented, high-quality lists of contacts using the FoxBound’s lead-capture tool, DataScout. We take the pain out of prospecting so you can spend more time starting quality conversations!

Sales Automation

Designed for agility and ease-of-use. Picking up where legacy providers leave off, Pursuit allows you to efficiently research, personalize, and connect with prospects without the hassle of inefficient, manual workflows.

Lead Intelligence

Accelerate research and list-building with DataDen, a repository containing over 60 million verified contacts. Use powerful search filters to locate key prospects which can be easily uploaded to CRM & Pursuit.

Go Further, Faster with FoxBound

power your prospecting strategy with 5-star software

Varun T.

Varun T.

"The perfect lead-generation software.. a one stop solution for email & lead-gen"


G2 Crowd | Aug. 2019
Noah R.

Noah R.

"A pivotal tool for building businesses."


Capterra | Aug. 2019
Enterprise Sales Rep

Enterprise Sales Rep

"FoxBound is awesome! It makes prospecting easy and the on-boarding is extremely intuitive."


Chrome Store | Aug. 2019
Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

"I don't have to go to 3 different prospecting tools anymore!"

Midmarket Ad-Agency

Capterra | Jul. 2019

This isn't your big brother's pipeline generation stack

This is an enterprise-grade platform with startup prices

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G2 Crowd


Why? Lean in, we'll bring you up to speed

Founded by Sales Veterans

Designed for the real world. Shipped by Creators.

Our product team consists of proven sales veterans and a crafty team of gritty engineers. Together, FoxBound delivers an arsenal of sales tools to help you reclaim time and generate quality pipeline.

FoxBound - Pipeline Generation Platform
FoxBound - Pipeline Generation Platform

Simple to Sign Up, Easy to Learn

Goodbye, Legacy Software.

Nobody likes getting started with software that takes expert certifications and months to learn. FoxBound is built to be easy to set up and maintain. Integrate to your email client and CRM and get started within 15 minutes. Seriously.

Fuel your Funnel with Quality Data

Win the Battle Against Data Degregation!

That list in your CRM? Its accuracy will degrade by at least 20% in the next 3 months. To combat data degragation being at an all time high, harness real-time information to deliver valid email addresses with 98% deliverability.

Prospecting Toolchain - Email Finder, Sales Automation, B2B Contact Database
FoxBound - Pipeline Generation Platform

Utilize the Entire Prospecting Toolchain

Powerful Alone. Unstoppable Together.

Use FoxBound to drive your entire pipeline generation process or leverage integrations to work seamlessly alongside your exists solutions. Here for just data, just sales automation, or both? We’ve got you covered.

Fresh Content, Created Weekly

Be the first to receive new FoxBound resources to help you build your pipeline and close more deals.

We're your Partners in Prospecting

A Data Science Team & In-App Support, at your Service.

We know prospecting isn’t easy. We also know sellers make the world go ’round. That’s why we work relentlessly to deliver in-app customer support and help from our Data Science Team. To top it off, we’re constantly expanding our Resource Center & Knowledge Base to provide the 1st class support you deserve.

FoxBound - Pipeline Generation Platform
Prospecting Toolchain - Email Finder, Sales Automation, B2B Contact Database

Helping you Execute Quality Activity

Target Accounts Coming Soon!

To make sure your activities are even more focused, we’re delivering Tags & Statuses. This will help you make sure your efforts are spent on target accounts and prevent time from being wasted on unqualified accounts. The more time you spend efficiently prospecting, the more you can generate quality pipe. 

Pipelines Don't Build Themselves. Ready to Start?

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