B2B Contact Database

DataDen is the newest addition to our prospecting platform. Leverage our user-friendly repository of over 60M B2B contacts to fuel list-building & deliver sales intelligence for reserach. 

B2B Contact Database

Millions of contact & company records - All at your fingertips

How our B2B Contact Database Works

Segment your Search

Define your ideal prospect. Then, search for similar Contacts in DataDen with a variety of boolean search filters

B2B Contact Database
B2B Contact Database

Add to Lists

As you’re browsing DataDen search results, you can select Contacts to be verified & stored in Lists within FoxBound.

Centralize in CRM

Using native integrations to HubSpot and Salesforce, send validated Contacts to your CRM. Or, easily export to CSV and import to your system of record.

Outbound Sales Platform - FoxBound

just looking for a b2b contact databases?

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Enroll in Sales Campaigns

Add Contacts directly to sales campaigns without leaving the FoxBound platform. Use our sales automation tool, Pursuit, or add to you sequences in your existing tools.

More Tools on the Way

We’re just getting started. Stay tuned as we continue to build additional tools within DataDen for enrichment, bulk verification, and finding emails.

Extra Capabilities

FoxBound Email Tracking
Real Time Email Validation

We take verification seriously. As you add Contacts to Lists from DataDen, we’ll apply our validation algorithm and categorize results.

Save Searches

This B2B contact database is home to millions of records. Save your spot with saved searches and pick up where you left off. 

Dynamic Profiles

The world is constantly changing. So does our database. We’re always adding new records and removing outdated profiles. 

Integrations made easy

How can FoxBound work for you?

Our platform is used for more than outbound. In reality, quality data and meaningful engagement is the backbone of any prospecting approach. Learn how teams similar to yours use FoxBound to bring their sales strategies to life.

Outbound Sales

Accelerate your outbound campaigns. Spend less time on research & administrative tasks and invest in personalization & quality engagement.

Inbound Sales

Quickly communicate with marketing-driven leads. Create & execute multi-step sales campaigns to set more meetings & optimize spend.

Account-Based Sales

Simplify account-based sales strategy. Deliver tailored, high-touch sales campaigns to each persona within your target accounts with efficiency.

Business Development

Open more doors to key partnerships. Start game-changing business relationships with key players in your industry using data & automation.

Start your Growth Engine

Access the DataDen B2B Contact Database - Free

Noah R.

Noah R.

"A pivotal tool for building businesses...The #1 tool I utilize to do my job!"

Varun T.

Varun T.

"The perfect lead-generation software.. a one stop solution for email & lead-gen"

B2B Email Finder

Quickly create and store segmented, high-quality lists of contacts using the FoxBound’s lead-capture tool, DataScout. We take the pain out of prospecting so you can spend more time starting quality conversations!

Sales Automation

Designed for agility and ease-of-use. Picking up where legacy providers leave off, Pursuit allows you to efficiently research, personalize, and connect with prospects without the hassle of inefficient, manual workflows.

B2B Contact Database

Accelerate research and list-building with DataDen, a repository containing over 60 million verified contacts. Use powerful search filters to locate key prospects which can be easily uploaded to CRM & Pursuit.

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