FoxBound Knowledge Base

Getting Started with FoxBound

New to using FoxBound? Start here to walk through the setup process in less than 10 minutes

FoxBound Trial Guides

Find out if FoxBound is a fit for you! Walk through our step-by-step evaluation framework to help you validate fit & value for your team.

Pursuit User Guides

Learn about Sales Engagement tools and how to leverage FoxBound Pursuit.

Prospecting User Guides

Learn about List-Building tools and how to leverage FoxBound DataScout & FoxBound DataDen

Best Practices

Make the most out of our Sales Engagement & List-Building tools with recommended best practices.


Manage users, billing, and much more in the Admin area of FoxBound.

Email Deliverability

Use FoxBound's proprietary email verification algorithm to ensure your campaigns have higher delivery rates.

CRM Integrations

See how you can sync with Salesforce and HubSpot in a matter of minutes.

Managing Lists and Contacts

Learn how to add new prospects to segmented Lists.

Analyzing Results and Metrics

Refine and optimize your prospecting strategy with real-time metrics and reprting.

Still Need Help?

Don’t worry, we’re here for you! Send us your questions and we’ll be in touch.


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