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Buyers are more empowered, stressed, and pressed for time than ever before. Cut through the noise & generate pipeline by using sales automation to deliver personalized campaigns to your ideal prospects. 

Strike the perfect balance between volume and personalization

How FoxBound Sales Automation Works

Identify Target Personas

71% of organizations achieving revenue goals have clearly defined persona profiles. Before leveraging sales automation, it’s critical to understand your target industries & ideal prospects. 

Create Email Templates

Build & share reusable email templates with your team members. This allows you to craft messaging once and then tailor to various personas, target segments, and use cases. 

Build Sales Campaigns

Construct automated sales campaigns to align with your targets. Make use of dynamic tags, templates, and scheduling to free up your time to work on more strategic tasks.

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Outbound Sales Platform - FoxBound

Add Contacts to Pursuits

Enroll validated prospects in sales campaigns directly from FoxBound Lists. Easily upload your existing database through Excel import.

Personalize at Scale

Let Pursuit do the heavy lifting of rewriting emails, managing tasks, and sending follow ups. Reinvest efforts in efficiently personalizing your approach to increase your conversion rates.

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Extra Capabilities

sales automation
Intelligent Settings
sales automation
See What's Next
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Track Activity
Real-Time Feed
Measure Key Metrics
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Team Collaboration

The Pursuit Impact

For growth-orientated sales teams, using sales automation is a pillar of success. When leveraged intelligently, automation helps sales reps achieve a level of productivity that’s simply  not possible through manual means. With Pursuit, deliver sales campaigns with an ideal balance of personalization & volume.

Without Sales Automation

  • Inefficient prospecting process through manual copy & paste, CRM tasks, or in homegrown sheets.
  • No visibility into email metrics for opens, clicks, and replies limits improvement.
  • Zero hard license costs increases risk of missing sales targets and wastes employee productivity.

Legacy Sales Automation

  • Bulky setup & steep learning curves often require services support and extra training packages.
  • Automation & visibility into email metrics comes with heavy license spend.
  • Expensive point solutions increase total cost of ownership for sales technology spend.

FoxBound Pursuit

  • Optimize prospecting process & time-to-value with lightweight account setup & quick adoption
  • Adds automation & email reporting to your stack without over-investing.
  • Deploy Pursuit as a competitive point solution or the entire FoxBound platform & still decrease cost of ownership.

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Break Through with FoxBound

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Average# of  touch-points needed to engage buyers

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Average # of attempts by sales reps to engage prospects 

Stay Productive

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Average time sellers actually spend on sales activities

Be Insightful

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Buyers want to work with reps when trying to improve business

Pull Ahead
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Higher chance of winning a deal when engage buyers first

Break Through

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Boosts to efficiency & conversion rates after using FoxBound 

How can FoxBound work for you?

Our platform is used for more than outbound. In reality, quality data and meaningful engagement is the backbone of any prospecting approach. Learn how teams similar to yours use FoxBound to bring their sales strategies to life.

Outbound Sales

Accelerate your outbound campaigns. Spend less time on research & administrative tasks and invest in personalization & quality engagement.

Inbound Sales

Quickly communicate with marketing-driven leads. Create & execute multi-step sales campaigns to set more meetings & optimize spend.

Account-Based Sales

Simplify account-based sales strategy. Deliver tailored, high-touch sales campaigns to each persona within your target accounts with efficiency.

Business Development

Open more doors to key partnerships. Start game-changing business relationships with key players in your industry using data & automation.

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Geoff W.

Geoff W.

"FoxBound is awesome! It makes prospecting easy and the on-boarding is extremely intuitive."

Catalina M.

Catalina M.

"I don't have to go to 3 different prospecting tools anymore! It can all be done with FoxBound."

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