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Find B2B emails, build qualified pipeline, and close more deals using the DataScout Chrome plugin.


Turbocharge list-building with real-time email verification

Here's how it works

Download DataScout

Available on the Chrome Store under FoxBound DataScout – B2B Email Finder

DataScout - B2B Email Finder

Structure your Search

Using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator, create custom queries to find prospects meeting your Ideal Customer Profile.

Add Contacts to Segmented Lists

Open the DataScout email finder while viewing search results. From there, add prospect profiles to Lists within the FoxBound web application. 

B2B Contact Database

25 credits / month free

Real time email validation

Outbound Sales Platform - FoxBound

Export to CRM

Using native integrations to HubSpot and Salesforce, send validated Contacts to your CRM. Or, easily export to CSV and import to your system of record. 

Engage with Sales Campaigns

Integrate instantly with your email provider & CRM to deliver sales campaigns while centralizing contacts & results in your system of record.  

The DataScout Effect

If you’re not fueling your prospecting efforts with validated records, you’re wasting your time. Use our email finder and its a 21-point algorithm, to verify email addresses & capture over 15 Contact & Company datapoints with a couple easy clicks

Without DataScout
  • Manually create new contacts and spend hours on data entry
  • Higher bounce rates due to data degradation leading to damaged sender reputation
  • Lower chances of converting prospecting efforts into qualified opportunities
With DataScout
  • Automatically create lists of new contacts within minutes
  • Minimize bounce rates in your sales campaigns by using recently validated records
  • Maximize conversions with higher deliverability and spend more time closing qualified pipeline

How can FoxBound work for you?

Our platform is used for more than outbound. In reality, quality data and meaningful engagement is the backbone of any prospecting approach. Learn how teams similar to yours use FoxBound to bring their sales strategies to life.

Outbound Sales

Accelerate your outbound campaigns. Spend less time on research & administrative tasks and invest in personalization & quality engagement.

Inbound Sales

Quickly communicate with marketing-driven leads. Create & execute multi-step sales campaigns to set more meetings & optimize spend.

Account-Based Sales

Simplify account-based sales strategy. Deliver tailored, high-touch sales campaigns to each persona within your target accounts with efficiency.

Business Development

Open more doors to key partnerships. Start game-changing business relationships with key players in your industry using data & automation.

Geoff W.

Geoff W.

"FoxBound is awesome! It makes prospecting easy and the on-boarding is extremely intuitive."

Catalina M.

Catalina M.

"I don't have to go to 3 different prospecting tools anymore! It can all be done with FoxBound."

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