FoxBound DataScout

Harness LinkedIn to generate B2B emails, build qualified pipeline, and drive more revenue using the DataScout Chrome plugin.


Ready to Turbocharge Prospecting?

Here's How DataScout Works

Visit the Chrome Store to Download DataScout

You can find our Google-certified Chrome listing below. 

DataScout - B2B Email Finder

Structure your Search

Visit a profile or run a search query in LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. Then, open DataScout and watch all the prospects’ profiles populate the extension. 

Add Contacts to Segmented Lists

Lists in FoxBound are like containers for your prospects. After you open DataScout in a supported profile or search page, you can decide which ones you’d like to add to your List. 

B2B Contact Database


Automated List-Building & Real Time Email Verification

Outbound Sales Platform - FoxBound

Export to CRM

Using native integrations to HubSpot and Salesforce, send validated Contacts to your CRM. Or, easily export to CSV and import to your system of record. 

Engage with Sales Campaigns

Integrate instantly with your email provider & CRM to deliver sales campaigns while centralizing contacts & results in your system of record.  

The DataScout Effect

If you’re not fueling your prospecting efforts with validated records, you’re wasting your time. Use our email finder and its a 21-point algorithm, to verify email addresses & capture over 15 Contact & Company datapoints with a couple easy clicks

Without DataScout
With DataScout


FoxBound Delivers More Than Just Software
Maximize Sales

You’re not in sales to do admin work. Take back control of your productivity and unlock your potential. 

Improve Data

Data is the fuel of all sales campaigns. Win the battle against data degradation to generate more pipeline. 

Sharpen Sales

Like it or not, messaging is everything. Engage more prospects and cut through noise with better messaging.

Sales Tactics

You won’t find any ivory-tower CEO tactics here. Stay 4 steps ahead with real-world sales guidance. 

There's No Time Like The Present

Prospect today, then thank yourself 30 days from now.