FoxBound Earns Two Accolades from FinancesOnline Review

Zach Sergio, Co-Founder

Zach Sergio, Co-Founder

Quick thoughts on an thorough, honest review from the FinancesOnline team.

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You could say this is a review of a review.. I’d say it’s more just my quick commentary on an honest, third-party evaluation of our platform. Along with the FinancesOnline review that recently posted, we were recognized with a few awards. Here, I’ll briefly outline what the review covers and share a few quick thoughts on our product roadmap going into Q4 & Q1. 

What the Review Covers

For anyone doing a bit of homework on data & sales automation tools, the FinancesOnline review will make your homework easy. 

The article (by Jenny Chang) does a nice job of summing up the core purpose of FoxBound’s existence – which is to lower cost of sales enablement ownership, optimize sales productivity & process, and increase pipeline coverage. 

From a solution standpoint, it’s a quick recap of a few of challenges facing sales teams today:

  • Data degregation and ineffective lead generation process
  • Expansive & heavy sales automation options
  • Inefficient, manual sales process when no tools are in place.

Our ranking from a sales automation perspective is fair considering where we are in our development roadmap. By the end of Q4 / Q1, I predict that we’ll place towards the top 10. 

For the listed alternatives, I’d consider most of these to be complementary products or just ones we don’t compete with at all. Instead of listing every single alternative and all the solutions we can displace, here’s an easy way to describe our ideal fit at this phase.

For sales teams looking for ways to add lead-generation, validation, and/or sales automation tools into their stack, FoxBound is an easy-to-use, finance-friendly choice with a dedicated support team to boot. More on our platform can be viewed here.

Check out the full review here!

Do you have a feature request or feedback? Feel free to reach me at and I’ll add it to the backlog!


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