October & November Product Updates - FoxBound 2.0

Zach Sergio, Co-Founder

Zach Sergio, Co-Founder

The sun never sets on FoxBound's engineering team. Here's what we've been up to.

FoxBound 2.1

November 14th, 2019

What’s New in FoxBound: October & November Recap

There’s quite a bit to bring everyone up to speed on! This is a recap of our release that went out on November 6th, a preview of tomorrow’s release (Nov. 15th), and a look into what’s coming up in the near future. 

DataScout 1.5

Our favorite list-building Chrome plugin received quite a bit of attention in recent weeks. First, we upgraded the interface to make it easier to start & build Lists. Second, we also added performance improvements to give our customers faster load times so you spend even less time compiling Contacts. And last, we added some upgrades to our validation algorithm to increase your verification rates.

In the future, we’ll be making a few more tweaks to the interface but most of our focus will be on the algorithm itself. We’re seeing an average of 80% validation and are looking to push this even higher. There’s plans to incorporate more machine-learning & AI-driven functionality to increase data quality with communication between DataScout and Pursuit. Stay tuned 🙂

Phase One of Platform Redesign & Usability Revamp

Our product team has invested hours into prototyping and R&D to deliver a better experience using the various tables within FoxBound. Considering there’s over 15 separate tables and 7+ variations (Companies, Contacts, Outbox, etc), uniformity is incredibly important for maximizing productivity. In logging into FoxBound, you’ll notice every table follows best practices of “Primary Action, Secondary Action, Additional Actions.” That way, you can look at any given page and quickly understand what the primary purpose of the module is. You’ll also notice we’ve incorporated sortable headers into many of our column values.

In the Lists area, we’ve included the ability to “Apply a Fallback Pattern” to your Contacts to help make our algorithm smarter. When you click on a Contact and see the Company values, you can apply an email pattern like “FirstInitial_LastName.” An example of when this comes in handy is when you know syntax of a company’s email pattern but they have a catch-all server. 

So here’s an example. Say that a low level inbound comes in and you want to use DataScout to pull other stakeholders, you can apply a fallback pattern and DataScout will default to that given pattern instead of applying FirstName.LastName.

There are other details you may or may not notice that include updates to the Admin area, Login portal, our Pursuit editor, font changes, and standardized headers/breadcrumbs (so it’s easier to navigate backwards).

Pursuit Poised to Take Big Steps Forward

The real value of Pursuit today is the fact that it’s natively integrated with the rest of the prospecting workflow. In itself, there’s a variety of ways to improve the feature-set and reinvent sales automation.

It boils down to:

  • Giving maximum control over scheduling and managing Contacts to maximize deliverability & conversion
  • Decreasing the amount of time spent on personalization to optimize effort & reply rate
  • Centralizing information from multiple sources to increase speed & focus

In the medium term, you can expect huge upgrades to Pursuit that’ll propel the solution to match & surpass capabilities of legacy offerings. 

For now, we’ve released the ability to do “Pursuit-specific” delivery settings. So, for our customers who sell globally, you’ll now be able to calibrate delivery settings in Pursuits for the U.S., Europe, Asia, etc individually. To be clear, this is a short term solution in a longer term initiative to reinvent Pursuit. 

Bug Smashing

As is natural in the world of software, there’s always a few bugs to smash here & there. We fixed issues with: 

  • Accepting invites in the Admin area
  • Bounce-tracking inaccuracy in CSV export
  • Deleting Contacts in Lists

We’re always on the lookout to make the software 1% or even .1% better. Feel free to send feedback to me at zach@foxbound.io. We review feedback as a team every Thursday morning!

Sidenote: FoxBound is Actively Undergoing Security Testing

We take security and data privacy very seriously, which is why we’re working with a third-party vendor to perform a serious of rigorous tests. This is happening in the background and is not going to cause any lag in performance or outages for our users. We’ll circulate the certificate once complete in a few weeks.

The End of Year Push

Let’s round out the update here. In the rest of November & in early December, we’ll be continuing to put finishing touches on the redesign of the table elements throughout the platform. In addition, we’ll continue investing in Pursuit’s sales automation capabilities. Aside from scheduling, this will include upgrades to the interface and usability.

In addition, we’ll be working on implementing advanced filter & sort functionality throughout the application. While there is basic filter & sorting today, we’ve received numerous requests to include features like saved filters in order to personalize the FoxBound experience.

You can also expect to see enhancements and UI standardization in other modules like DataDen, Contacts, and Accounts.

Last but not least, we’ll be launching our Public Roadmap soon so our customers and community can request features and vote on major backlog items. If you’re not already on our mailing list, subscribe below and get involved. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy hunting, friends. 🦊


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