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FoxBound for Business Development

Create and foster key relationships to grow your business​

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FoxBound for Global outreach

the focus of Business development

  • Start conversations & build relationships with potential partners & future clients
  • Expand marketing, demand generation, and PR influence 
  • Progress qualified prospects into the buying window
  • Spearhead the delivery of new product launches and the execution of new initiatives

Business Development is the Primary Driver of Progress

But Complexity, lack of resources & Inefficiency are enemies of momentum


Without the ability to locate the right contacts or reach out with valid contact information, business development campaigns fail out before they even get off the ground.

operational gaps

Manual, repetitive, or complex tasks create friction when it comes time for action. Mounting frustrations can stall momentum in campaigns and reduce potential for success

mismanaged messaging

Lack of personalized delivery and insufficient usage of effective content kills replies rates and leads to unsubscribes - not the best way to start a business relationship

Poor metrics

What worked today might not work tomorrow, making business development a constant work in progress. Without metrics, campaigns become stagnant.

Process Excellence & Execution Paves the Way

long-term sustainability

Access to your targets

The #1 ingredient to successful campaign delivery is accurate, quality data. By making list-building accessible & easy, you can increase speed of execution

streamline workflow

Steve Jobs famously said of simplicity, "..once you get there, you can move mountains." For business development, reduced complexity can increase productivity

Efficient 1:1 Messaging

Put your best foot forward by delivering outreach in a tailored manner. Use tools to streamline your research and personalization process.

Measure & improve

Track key performance metrics like delivery rates, open rates, engagement and reply rates to consistently recalibrate your business development campaigns.

How FoxBound Delivers

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