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Account Based Sales Platform

Gone are the days of “spray & pray.” Stop spamming and start engaging with FoxBound’s account based sales tools. 

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What's Account Based Sales all about?

Authentic Engagement

Spark meaningful conversations with your best-fit prospects & target accounts with high-touch personalized approaches. 

Multi-Threaded Approach

Instead of engaging only one contact, this refers to uniquely selling to multiple stakeholders at different levels of an organization simultaneously. 

Creating Credibility & Trust

Over 70% of buyers want to engage with sales when improving their business, but barely 20% find value in meetings. ABS faciliates genuine value  

What do I need to start?

Strategic Messaging

The best tools in the world don’t matter if your messaging isn’t ready. Know how your solution impacts each key stakeholder within your unique sales cycle.  

Scalable Processes

Repetitive manual workflows decrease productivity & morale while increasing cost of ownership. Establish repeatable process to personalize messaging and increase conversion.

Streamlined Tooling

Sellers spends over half of their time on non-sales activities. Increase meaningful production & promote execution with user-friendly account-based sales tools. 

Get everything you need with FoxBound

We provide all the account based sales tools you need to execute your strategy and build your process. Whether you’re looking for a platform or a point solution, FoxBound has you covered!

Outbound Sales Platform - FoxBound

Account based sales tools - all within reach

B2B Email Finder

Quickly create and store segmented, high-quality lists of contacts using the FoxBound’s lead-capture tool, DataScout. We take the pain out of prospecting so you can spend more time starting quality conversations!

Sales Automation

Designed for agility and ease-of-use. Picking up where legacy providers leave off, Pursuit allows you to efficiently research, personalize, and connect with prospects without the hassle of inefficient, manual workflows.

B2B Contact Database

Accelerate research and list-building with DataDen, a repository containing over 60 million verified contacts. Use powerful search filters to locate key prospects which can be easily uploaded to CRM & Pursuit.

B2B Email Finder, Sales Automation, Lead Intelligence

Fused into one streamlined platform

Build Tailored Templates

Draft and share reusable emails to serve as the building blocks of your sales campaigns. Benchmark performance of opens and replies across all messaging.

Add Verified Contacts

Store newly discovered Contacts from DataScout & DataDen in Lists. Manage information, send to CRM, export to Excel, and directly import Contacts to Pursuit sales campaigns. 

Create Sales Campaigns

Let Pursuit do the heavy lifting of rewriting emails, managing tasks, and sending follow ups. Reinvest efforts in efficiently personalizing your approach to increase conversions.

Use Lead Intelligence

View Company and Contact profiles on DataDen to accelerate your researching efforts and spend more time executing high value activities. Our entire database is available, no restrictions.

Build Organized Lists

Create Lists to store prospects as Contacts in FoxBound. Lists are a great way to organize your various lead-generation efforts and work best when aligned with a Pursuit.

Personalize & Engage

Enroll Contacts in campaigns directly from Lists. Pursuit makes customization and scheduling easy so you can spend more time on real sales work.

Integrations made easy

Noah R.

Noah R.

"A pivotal tool for building businesses...The #1 tool I utilize to do my job!"

Varun T.

Varun T.

"The perfect lead-generation software.. a one stop solution for email & [data]"

How can FoxBound work for you?

Teams love using FoxBound’s account-based sales tools to deliver high-touch campaigns. In reality, quality data and meaningful engagement tools are the backbone of any prospecting approach. Learn how teams similar to yours use FoxBound to bring their sales strategies to life.

Outbound Sales

Accelerate your outbound campaigns. Spend less time on research & administrative tasks and invest in personalization & quality engagement.

Inbound Sales

Quickly communicate with marketing-driven leads. Create & execute multi-step sales campaigns to set more meetings & optimize spend.

Account-Based Sales

Simplify account-based sales strategy. Deliver tailored, high-touch sales campaigns to each persona within your target accounts with efficiency.

Business Development

Open more doors to key partnerships. Start game-changing business relationships with key players in your industry using data & automation.

Turn Strategy into Action

Use FoxBound's Account-Based Sales platform to do real sales work & generate quality pipeline.