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FoxBound for Account-Based Sales

Tasked with cracking into high-value accounts and not sure where to begin? Start here!

Account based sales
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Why go abm ANyway?

  • Higher retention rate
  • Optimized acquisition costs
  • Higher average sales price
  • Increased win rate

ABM & ABS is a Strategic Dream

But too often, it fails to materialize. So where do the programs go wrong?

Tactical confusion

data bottlenecks

poor segmentation


It Doesn't Have to be a Tactical Mess

Tooling & Process with FoxBound Helps Teams Cross the Chasm

Simple ABS workflow

Take the complication out of reps' ABS with a streamlined prospecting workflow. We remove the need to bounce through a patchwork stack of tools and help maintain a steady, effective trajectory.

build The buying center

With FoxBound's data tools, reps can build lists of high-value prospects and organize within Lists. With the right data within easy reach, reps can ensure time's not wasted in starting

engage target personas

The world's best list doesn't mean anything until campaigns are executed. With FoxBound, reps can align target personas with tailored messaging & deliver sales campaigns with Pursuit

One bRand, one sound

With the ability to collaboratively craft messaging, identify & implement segmentation, and measure engagement - sales and marketing can get on the same wavelength. It's a team sport after all!

How FoxBound Delivers

  • Collaboratively develop and standardize sales team messaging
  • Easily gather and segment prospects based on role or persona
  • Turnkey integration with CRM to optimize workflow
  • Engage various layers of an organization with tailored campaigns and personalize at scale.
  • Track reporting and metrics to make data-guided decisions on improvement

Turn Strategy Into Action

Use FoxBound to Streamline & Execute Account Based Sales Tactics

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