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FoxBound for Outbound Optimization

So, you want to build a high-velocity outbound machine?
Buckle up!

FoxBound outbound rocketship

Why Build an Outbound rocketship?

  • Faster go-to-market for new products, verticals, or geo’s
  • Secure meetings with contacts at ideal accounts
  • Predictable growth of the sales funnel 
  • Reduced reliance on inbound marketing
  • Add high-value prospects & quality opportunities to the pipeline

This All Sounds Good on Paper

However, there's no Denying, Outbound is no small challenge...

Stale Data

With data degradation being at an all time high comes challenges with email delivery, segmentation, and the ability to find the right prospect.

Lost efficiency

Every minute or hour spent maintaining a manual, inefficient process is a minute or hour taken away from creatively pursuing high-value prospects

poor messaging

Unless you want to black list your domain, sending canned emails up & down an org chart doesn’t cut it and neither does passive, “me-first,” or poorly crafted emails in outbound.


If a rep or team isn’t getting better every week, then they’re taking a step back. Poor visibility to metrics often leads to little or no improvement.

Give your Crew the Right Processes & Resources

and watch the ship take off

quality data

Outbound demands quality fuel in the form of accurate data. Filling the top of your sales funnel with clean data is sure to dramatically increase opens, replies, and conversions

seamless workflow

Segmentation, list-building, CRM-entry, template & campaign creation, personalization, execution -with so much to do, it’s crucial to build a scalable, repeatable process.

tailored messaging

This refers to the act of delivering messaging uniquely tailored to buyer personas based on industries, roles, functions and further customizing emails on a 1:1 basis.

Data-guided progress

The hardest part of getting started.. is getting started. From there, it’s about consistently using data & evidence to make guided decisions on improving the outbound motion

How FoxBound Delivers

  • Proof points / how we do it / better
  • Easily gather and segment prospects based on role or persona
  • Turnkey integration with CRM to optimize workflow
  • Engage various layers of an organization with tailored campaigns and personalize at scale.
  • Track reporting and metrics to make data-guided decisions on improvement

As Strunk expanded into the Technology sector, we used FoxBound to send 150-200 personalized emails a day while balancing the everyday responsibilities of a closing role

- Noah Rosenburg
FoxBound Email Tracking

Commence the Countdown Sequence!

It's Time To Light the Ignition to your New Outbound Machine

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