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Brand new to FoxBound? Check this guide before diving in.

Written by Alex Gonzalez

Written by Alex Gonzalez

Last updated on Dec 7th, 2019

First off, if you’re brand new to FoxBound, welcome! We’re looking forward to helping you open more doors and exceed your goals. 

Whether just getting started or simply looking for an understanding of the basics, you’re in the right place.

Activating your Account

If you’ve signed up through our website or were invited by one of your admins make sure you check your email for a message to then activate your account.

FoxBound Confirmation

We'll take you to the sign-in page:

FoxBound Login

Now, you’ll be greeted with our Dashboard (and a little blurb from yours truly!)

foxbound dashboard

Connect to your Email Client

Do you feel the “twitch” to close this tab and jump in FoxBound without any more pointers? Don’t do it – stay with me here!

Before anything else, let’s connect your Gmail or Outlook email client so you can make full use of the platform. 

Head to Administration by clicking your initials in the lower left hand corner. 

FoxBound admin

Click on the Integrations tab

Click on your email provider and walk through the signup. Here’s Gmail as an example:

FoxBound Gmail Signin

Once completed, we’ll show the connected account:

FoxBound Gmail Integration

Not too bad right? 

Email Settings

In about 90 seconds, we can knock out all the necessary email settings!

FoxBound Admin settings

Click on your email provider and walk through the signup. Here’s Gmail as an example:


This will be automatically appended to the bottom of your outbound emails. Simply copy your signature from Gmail or Outlook into the text box

FoxBound Email Signature


Configure email delivery settings, controlling what days emails will be delivered, what times, and from what time zone. We recommend keeping the Max Emails Per Day setting between 250 to 500 per day. There is no limit on our end but we want to make sure your email doesn’t get caught as spam due to email filters pre-configured by Gmail and Outlook.

Deliverability settings can be configured under Administration within the account settings to have all Pursuits follow the same logic or within each campaign at the Pursuit level in case you want emails sent at different times, for different time zones.

FoxBound sending limit

We’re almost done with setting. There’s one more task to knock out before moving to messaging.

Download DataScout

DataScout is our Chrome Plugin that allows you to build lists of prospects using your professional network. It’s really what will feed your outbound campaigns, so don’t skip out on this piece.

If you’ve scanned to the bottom of this and missed everything above, we strongly recommend you go grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and back up a few steps to make sure you didn’t miss anything (I get it, I don’t like instruction manuals either!). 

Open DataScout Module 

Open DataScout

Navigate to the Google Chrome Store. Psst… you can click the picture below.

At the top left search for FoxBound using the search box.

Chrome store

Click Add to Chrome

FoxBound chrome strore

Now, you’ll see the FoxBound logo in the top right Extension bar:

FoxBound added

Click the icon at the top right to sign into DataScout!

FoxBound added

So what’s next? From here, I’d recommend starting by working on your segmentation strategy and messaging, but you can choose your own path:

  • Templates: Build reusable email templates for usage across your team
  • Pursuit: Sales automation & outbound campaign builder
  • DataDen: Search from our repository of >65M contacts to build quick Lists
  • DataScoutAdd contacts from your social network to Lists with ease

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