DataScout User Guide

Leverage LinkedIn to Build High Quality Lists

Written by Zach Sergio

Written by Zach Sergio

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

In this quick guide, we’ll review how to get up and running with FoxBound’s DataScout plugin for Google Chrome. In short, DataScout is a Chrome plugin that allows users to leverage social media to quickly build lists of prospects that can be engaged with Pursuit. 

Download DataScout

First, navigate to the module, and click Open Chrome Store.

After downloading the FoxBound chrome extension, the logo will appear at the top right of your browser.

Using DataScout

As you browse LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, click the FoxBound extension at the top right to open the plugin. 

Built for simplicity and speed, you’ll be a DataScout expert in no time! 

Click here to deep dive into DataScout


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