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Understanding LinkedIn + DataScout Compatibility

Written by Zach Sergio

Written by Zach Sergio

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

Answering the question of, “what pages can DataScout extract leads from?”

  • Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn Premium
  • Standard LinkedIn
Sales Navigator

LinkedIn & LinkedIn Premium

Linkedin Premium

Deep Dive into DataScout

When you are ready to begin creating a lead list, first create your search using the LinkedIn segmentation filters.

Once you have the results of your search, click on the FoxBound extension at the top right of your browser window.

Begin by clicking “Which List do you want to add Contacts to?” to name your new lead list or select an existing list. It’s important to be specific with the name of the list. We recommend using the attributes you used within your search filters to name the list accordingly. That way, you don’t have to remember your search criteria for each particular lead list. 

For example: If the search includes CXO’s in Atlanta for companies with more than 50 employees, the name of the list could be as follows:  

CXO’s ATL 50+employees


Based on the title or the company name associated with a contact, you may want to exclude a lead from your list if the contact is not an ideal fit for your product or service. While reviewing the list of contact within the extension, you can select all contacts or manually select certain contacts

If you don’t see the full list of contacts from in the extension from the existing page you are on, select refresh after you scroll down. 


You may notice icons to the left of the contacts within the chrome extension. Check out this article to better understand the email categories

An icon means that this person is already assigned to a list within your own account or within another team member’s account. You’ll also be able to see the email address displayed in blue showing that the lead has already been captured.

If there is no icon on the left hand side, that means this is a new contact that is not associated with an existing lead list.

DataScout Added

Once you are ready, click the Add Contacts button to add the prospects into your new lead list. It’s important to stay active on the page to allow the extension to fully complete the process of computing all email addresses from your search results. If you leave the page, the extension will stop and you may miss adding some contacts to your lead list. You can work simultaneously on other projects by using separate windows. 

Once the green progress bar at the bottom of the extension has finished, then you are able to navigate away from the page. 

DataScout added

Note that the extension can only scrape one page at a time. Continue the process by navigating to other pages of your LinkedIn search results and repeat the steps.

When you are ready to review your list within FoxBound, select the View List icon to navigate back to your FoxBound account.

We now recommend you spend some time creating templates and messaging for your new contacts. Click here to Get Started with Pursuit.


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