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Breaking Down the Meaning of Each Email Icon

Written by Monica Marino

Written by Monica Marino

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

Recommended Categories

  • Valid: This means we’re able to run our verification algorithm successfully on the email address. You’ll see these emails marked with a green checkmark.
  • Pattern Match: If an email receives a pattern match icon this means that our team has manually updated and verified the pattern for a domain. In order words, the algorithm wasn’t able to validate the email. Our FoxBound data team pulls troublesome data on a weekly basis and re-uploads emails with the proper format. When you see an email come up as pattern matched you can be assured that the email will reach its intended contact. Please also note that users can manually edit the email pattern by using the “Apply Pattern” button in the toolbar (see instructions below).
  • Catch-All: A catch-all account is an email address that collects all the mail sent to a domain ( Since this happens, there is no way to verify if the email address exists. Even if the email is wrong, there is no bounce or error message which makes it’s impossible to verify. Our work around is for these types of emails is to use a common pattern to compute the emails However, if you know the correct pattern, you can apply it manually as well.
  • Open: When you upload data from outside sources or create contacts manually, you’ll see these contacts marked as “Open.” You can leverage the “Apply Pattern” button to update the pattern for these emails if you are unsure of their validity.

We DO NOT recommend you use these email categories:

Read this article to understand why: Spam-codes-and-email-deliverability

  • Invalid: Our email validation formula can only be as strong as the data that feeds it. In our case, FoxBound leverages LinkedIn profile data. You’ll see the invalid icon for emails that have an algorithm or pattern match limitation. For example, some LinkedIn profile names show nicknames, prefixes, maiden names or middle initials, but the business email address doesn’t contain those characters. That said, no data company can automatically confirm the email pattern to understand if the email includes these alternative characters which makes them invalid. Also, if a contact is no longer at a company and the profile hasn’t been updated, it’s likely you’ll see this status. 
  • Blocked / Not Found: This status will appear when FoxBound cannot complete the email validation algorithm because the email server blocks our validation attempt. Or, this will also occur when we cannot verify the existence of an email domain/server.

Leveraging the Apply Pattern Feature

Navigate to any List and select the contact on the left hand side. Then select the Apply Email Pattern button within the toolbar.

Email Lists

Once selected, this pull down will provide alternative patterns that you can select to update the contact(s).

Apply Pattern

We hope this provided additional clarity, and please contact our support team at if you have additional questions.


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