Building & Using Templates

Promote Reusability & Speed with Templates

Written by Alex Gonzalez

Written by Alex Gonzalez

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

FoxBound Templates allow users to create emails once and then reuse then in multiple Pursuits. There are plenty of reasons why you’d put this to use – follow up emails, persona-specific messaging, industry-specific messaging, etc.

Foxbound templates

Templates are also built to foster collaboration amongst teams with the ability to make templates “Shared.” If for some reason they’re better kept private or if they’re rep specific, they can also be “Private.”

Create a Template

First, navigate to the Templates area by clicking the bottom icon from the menu.

You can think of this area as a library for your email templates.

When you click, “New Template,” you’ll be greeted with the email editor, which is fully enabled with dynamic tags, the ability to send test emails, image pasting, links, etc. 


You can also control whether or not the template is private or shared amongst your team.

shared vs private templates

Back in Pursuit, you can use your templates during the scripting process, as seen below. 

sample template

Now, you can better manage your messaging and reduce redundancy in rewriting your drafts. Happy Templating!


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