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43 Sales Email Subject Lines to Drive Engagement


Email subject lines can have the same powerful effect as a firm handshake, eye contact, and a confident tone. And now more than ever, email etiquette and creativity matters.

That’s because of the world we live in today. In today’s age of information overload, an average adult consumes:

As an outbound sales rep, there are only a few ways to give yourself the edge needed to cut through the noise. Authenticity, differentiation, and a bit of effort on research & personalization can go a long way in separating yourself from the masses.

Here are 43 email subject lines to help you increase reply rates and better introduce your (hopefully) well-crafted sales email. In this list, I’ll mark prompts for personalization in [Brackets].


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Standard Communication

1. [Your Name] <> {{Company}}

Not to be overused, but this is a classic email subject line that can’t go wrong. Create the psychological effect of bringing your companies together. It’s a versatile line that can be used in almost any kind of email.

2. Making a connection between {{Company}} <> [Your company]

Here’s how you can adapt the first line in an outbound manner.

3. Quick question for you, {{First_name}}

A quick, personal email subject line that should have a similarly quick & personalized question. Use this for intelligence gathering. Renewal dates for competitors, referrals, etc.

4. [Your Company] & {{Company}} | addressing [Challenge]

Do you know of a particular initiative at your target company? Or a general challenge facing companies similar to your target? This is a go-to.

5. [Your Company] & {{Company}} | [Function] discussion

Use something like this for email subject lines on calendar invites. Make it clear what you’re discussing in the agenda as well. This can apply to intro/discovery calls all the way to procurement and closing calls.

6. A potential big win for [function] at {{Company}}

I like this because it has a similar delivery to a line such as, “I’m not sure we’re a fit, but ____.” It’s a bit of a curiosity driver that might just be the hook for a well-crafted email.

7. [Your Name] <> {{first_name}} | Mutual plan for [topic]

We’re here to help our prospects and serve as experts in our fields, but we’re not meant to do all the work. Say goodbye to one-sided client/sales relationships with messaging that promotes mutual accountability. Use this email subject line for meeting follow ups.

8. I did my homework on {{Company}}’s [function] team

Bust this out when you’ve actually done your homework, please :). If you’re delivering a well-crafted note to a prospect, this can headline your insight that’s worth reading.

9. Level up [Function] to drive [Positive outcome]

This is a plug & play framework for just about any product or service. In FoxBound’s world, this might be “Level up sales enablement to drive pipeline.”

10. {{Company}} [function] discussion – 5 minutes?

If you’ve done your homework, you should be able to convert attention into engagement over a 5-minute call. A 30-minute call is 6.25% of a standard workday.

11. Can I steal 1% of your workday?

Similar concept as above. I’d use this to reactivate a dormant opportunity and portray that 5 minutes for a call is approximately 1% of their day.

12. Does this earn your time?

Put natural curiosity on your side. This is a great email subject line for a customized email with a solid value proposition suitable for earning the time of your prospect. The recipient of this will find themselves asking, “I don’t know.. Does it?”

*opens email*

13. [Your Name] <> {{First_name}} – quick intro on {{XX/YY}}?

Get to the point, very quickly. When opened, your prospect will know exactly what you’re intending to do, so it’s important to pique interest quickly and clearly.


14. Partners for driving real [function] results

Lead with a to-the-point tone and open the door with prospects who’re short on time and looking for ways to improve.

15. Renewal with [Competitor]

Meant for campaigns where you know what the incumbent vendor is and you have a proven track record for displacing. Use when research backs up your case.

16. Is [Competitor] cutting it?

Same as above.

17. A quote to keep {{competitor}} honest?

Inspired by Jeb Blount’s Fanatical Prospecting, I’m a big fan of this because it creates a win-win outcome and offers prospects a release valve for a sales conversation.

18. Are you open to alternatives for [Service / Vendor]?

Psychologically speaking, nobody likes to be “close-minded.” Using language to embrace this can work to your advantage and give you an at-bat when the incumbent is firmly in place.


19. [Referral] pointed me in your direction to review [function/initiative]

Referrals are always going to increase open and reply rates. Use a line like this when you’re navigating from the top down. To really drive engagement, CC your executive sponsor for visibility.

20. Per conversation with [Contact] on [Function]

On the flipside, try this route if you’re taking a bottom-up or middle-up approach. Feel free to leave the contact’s name anonymous and reference them as “manager of xyz business unit.”

21. I noticed we’re both connected with [Reference at Company]

Sometimes, merely referencing a reference can be enough to create enough familiarity to drive engagement. Of course, a more powerful way to go about this is to ask your reference to tee up an intro, but this is a solid fallback option for taking advantage of your network. Use if you have rapport with your reference and ask permission before taking this route.

22. Help with an intro with [Target prospect]?

I love this one for navigating larger accounts. Let’s say you’re gathering intel before approaching an executive level prospect, this is great for basically portraying to lower level stakeholders that, “I’m going to reach out to your boss, and I’d like your help & insight before doing so.”


23. Good morning to start the week/day, {{First_name}}

Do you have some positive feedback or research to share with a prospect? If so, give this a shot and schedule your email for delivery first thing in the morning. You might just help a future client start their week or day on the right foot.

24. Re: “[Line from Social Media Account]”

Let’s say you have something in common with a prospect on their LinkedIn account, Quora post, Tweet, etc. Using this shows you actually researched and created a thoughtful opener.

25. How’s [Function] in the world of {{first_name}}?

Conversational, laidback tone might not work for everyone, but it can work wonders for a more casual persona. It also places the focus solely on your prospect and not on you as a seller which is more likely to spark conversation.

26. A fresh set of eyes for {{Company}} [Function]

Who doesn’t need a credible 3rd-party opinion every now and then? Use a line like this to headline an email with a more consultative approach. Consider deploying “team-selling” to bring more value to a discovery call by offering to invite a specialist or sales architect to a call.

27. In it to help [Function] leaders win it

Tow the line between serious and casual.

28. Continued effort to connect with {{Company}}

Looking for a way to stay persistent, not look desperate, and not be annoying? Here you go!

29. We’re serious about helping [Function]

Same as above – this is a good option for deploying later in a sales campaign if no reply has been received.

30. 2 quick reasons why we should connect

This can strike the same chord of curiosity that we all have as we click on an interesting blog post, except this is for a 1:1 email. Try this email subject line when pairing with a strong proof point/case study or reference, for example.

31. Plans for [Function] in 2020?

It’s never too early to start planning for the next calendar year! If you can be a part of that process as a seller, than you can put yourself in a strategic position to be a part of the department for years to come.

32. 2020 vision?

Same effect as above. And who can resist the only time we can use this pun?

33. [Your Company]’s understanding of {{Company}}

Deploy when you really know a prospect’s landscape and know how you can deliver serious value.

34. One more thing

Before letting a prospect off the hook of your sales campaign, try this as one more push to make a connection. Used conversationally, “one more thing” allows one to squeeze in one more question or statement.

35. An unfair advantage over [Company Competitor]

This will appeal more to buyers in the executive suite and those involved in the revenue generating departments of a business. Marketing, sales, and even those on the strategic sides of a finance department can appreciate new ways to stomp their rivals.

36. What’s next for [Function] [Company Product]?

To be clear, this might sound like, “What’s next for marketing Hooli’s search engine?” Again, it’s about making your prospect the center of attention.


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37. Extra guidance for {{Company}}

Use this one for inbound drips and campaigns where you’re looking to engage and educate trial users & customers.

38. Thanks for downloading [Content] – check this out too

As sales reps, we can accelerate the buyer’s journey by educating the right people at the right time with the right information.

39. Can I help you be a [Your Product] expert?

For even the most ambitious & proud trial users and customers, a helping hand is generally appreciated.


40. Congrats on the new role – 90 day plan?

Leaders that are looking for a way to shake things up can be the best kind of prospects. Exercise patience and assertiveness to earn time on their jam-packed calendars. If you can help guide them to success early in their new venture, you’ll earn a fan for life.

41. Congrats to you and the {{Company}} team for [Award]

Awards are a great way to reach out with a genuine twist. Try email subject lines like this for creating a connection between continued success and your offering.

42. Per {{Company}} announcement – what’s next?

If you have news alerts set up for target accounts, you’re bound to find some sort of press releases worthy of reaching out. Digital transformation, expansion into new markets, new product launches, new C-suite hire, etc.

43. Funding announcements and [Function] growth

After a recent round of finding, it’s more than likely that the leaders of each department are going to have more resources, but less time to work with.


Now you have 43 email subject lines for inspiration and usage in your sales outreach. Enjoy your increased reply rates and conversions!

Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio


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January 14th, 2020

Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio


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