Put Your Prospecting Plans into Action!

Written by Zach Sergio

Written by Zach Sergio

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

The setup wasn’t so bad, was it? 

If nothing else, we hope you and your team had the opportunity to come together in order to put the latest and greatest segmentation and messaging on paper. We tend to find that multiple minds are better than one!

Now, it’s time for our favorite part – putting plans into action, because..

Foxbound support

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • Creating Templates and Pursuits
  • List-building and data processing
  • Email personalization, scheduling, and execution

Creating Templates and Pursuits

The first question is, did you do your messaging prep work from Part One? If yes, then this is an easy part. And if not, no worries! 

Here’s a quick intro to these terms: 

  • Pursuit: This is FoxBound’s sales engagement platform – a Pursuit is a sales campaign consisting of a series of emails which are automatically customized to each individual prospect and delivered based on scheduling preferences. Basically, we handle the manual effort of writing emails over and over, take the pain out of managing follow ups with prospects, and make researching and personalization far easier at scale. 
  • Template: A Template is simply a starting point for an email step that can be leveraged in a Pursuit, making it easier to reuse and adapt messaing across various “campaigns.” Pursuits are generally 3-8 email steps (we recommend calls & social actions), so by creating a library of Templates, you can save serious time in the prep of your outreach. 

Check out our Templates & Pursuit User Guides for the in-depth walkthroughs on how to create reusable Templates and script Pursuits. 

**Your action items!

  • Create 4-5 Templates
  • Create a Pursuit using the Templates

Create 4-5 Templates - Yes, we made a few for you 🙂

1) Intro Email – Ask for a time

Here’s an example: 

FoxBound template example

2) Follow Up - Ask for a time

Foxbound Follow up email templates

3) Quick Follow Up

FoxBound follow up

4) Follow up - ask for a referral or insight

Ask for referral email template

5) Engage later

Engage later

Would you just look at it? Now that I’ve (hopefully) done some of the hard work for you to get your messaging off the ground with a few relatively generic, but very customizable Templates, let’s put a Pursuit together.  

Foxbound Templates

Create a Pursuit

Again, I recommend reading our full library of Pursuit User Guides, specifically, Creating Follow Up Steps for the finer details. 

When you arrange all the Templates as you create Pursuits..

templates to create pursuit

..You’ll find that your Pursuit looks like this:

foxbound pursuits

Now we have a shiny new Pursuit to work with! Next, let’s get add prospects to engage.

List Building & Data Processing

At this point, the Segmentation prep work comes back into play. Let’s talk about 

  • Downloading DataScout from the Chrome Store
  • Creating a List
  • Crafting a Search
  • Adding Contacts to a Lists
  • Adding Contacts to a Pursuit

Download DataScout from the Chrome Store

DataScout foxbound login

Creating a List

A List is essentially a folder that stores Contacts that you’re compiling during your prospecting efforts. This can be done from the DataScout extension itself, or from the Lists area of the FoxBound web application. 

To make it easier to find lists and understand their purpose, I recommend naming them in accordance to your search parameters and date. 

  • Geography, Industry, Headcount, Title, Date
  • Ex. New York, Marketing & Advertising, 201-500 Marketing Directors / VP’s, 5.14

Open DataScout. 


Create New List

How to create list in foxbound

Search for Prospects

Leveraging LinkedIn, preferably LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator, you can use DataScout to now extract ideal prospects that into Lists that we’ll later engage using Pursuit. 

Here’s the sample search I applied above

FoxBound Linkedin
  1. 673 results: Since you’re limited to 1,000 results per search, it’s important to filter down to make it more applicable. 
  2. 57 changed jobs in last 90 days: Topic for another day, but I’ve always found this to be an interest sub-section of prospects that can engaged with a bit differently. Since most databases won’t have caught up yet, it’s an opporunity to reach out with a genuine approach to form relationships as leaders are starting in new roles
  3. Save search: I’d also recommend that if you find a suitable search,  don’t try and pull every single person in one sitting. Try 50-150 per day / session and come back to the search later

Extract Prospects

From the view of a LinkedIn List: 

  • Open DataScout 
  • Use the checkboxes to select which Contacts to extract. 
  • Press “Add”
  • Wait for DataScout to extract before clicking outside the window
  • Either A) go to the next page and continue, or hit the View List (Eye) icon to jump back into FoxBound’s List area
View list DataScout

Data Cleanup & Export

We’re getting there! Now, we have a sample list to work with. You’ll notice FoxBound (as of 5.14.19) indicates emails deliverability chances by Verified (Green), Unverified (Yellow), and Email Not Found (Red). 

Create a Pursuit

A few things to note on this: 

  1. Verified emails have a high chance of delivery (more than 95%)
  2. Unverified emails are addresses that we have a reasonable confident certainty can deliver, (more than 70%)
  3. Instead of giving you a “guess” at data, we mark them as Email Not Found on the grounds that 1) your email client will not get dinged for sending out emails to bounced addresses and 2) you won’t clutter your CRM with bad data. 

The next logical step is to add these Contacts to a Pursuit, but first – let’s do a little “data cleanup.” Here are a few examples of what we mean: 

  1. Changing names like MICHAEL to Michael
  2. Changing titles like Senior Vice President of Communications and Global Marketing Strategy to SVP of Marketing
  3. Changing ACME, INC to Acme 

To edit records, click into a Contact on a List to open the Edit Contact box. When you’re done editing, click “Update Lead,” and either use the arrow keys to move to the next record or click X to close. 

contact social profile

To avoid reptitive inefficiencies later, change these values now as opposed to Pursuit. Your personalization of emails should be more focused on actually personalizing rather than cleaning up messy data from the Contact’s social profile.

Exporting Contacts to Salesforce or via Excel

If you’re testing out our Salesforce integration, use the Quick Start Guide as a reference point or simply navigate to Administration >> Integrations >> Connect Salesforce

Back in Lists, you can export to Salesforce or export an Excel file that can then be loaded into your CRM. Both methods will ensure you’re catching duplicates. 


Salesforce upload

Once exported, you’ll see if they’re successfully sent out.

Successfully sent out



Export Contacts to Pursuit

Now, let’s export these Contacts to the Pursuit we created earlier. Use the Select All checkbox, and if you have a large list, you can Select All (X) Contacts with the green banner.

Click Add

Add pursuit

Select your desired Pursuit and click Add. Now you can click the Go To [Pursuit] banner to flip to the next page. 


You’ll now open up our Personalizer


A few points to address: 

  1. The left hand sidebar indicates which Contact the email will be sent to. 
  2. The subject line is locked, but we’ll release support for personalization (scheduled for late Q2/Q3)
  3. Use the arrow keys to toggle through each email in your Pursuit so you can personalize everything all at once!
  4. We surface relevant information via Google API’s to make researching your Contact far easier and to streamline personalization. 


Remember, you’re not a robot, you’re a salesperson. And at the core of our profession, sales is human. You’re not very likely to start a professional relationship with canned, spammy, unauthentic, or overall just insincere messaging. 

FoxBound is designed to help you with automating the scripting process to a large extent and for managing the follow ups and delivery of emails. It’s up to you to take it the extra 10% and sprinkle some authenticity into your outreach. 

A few quick tips: 

  1. Reference their LinkedIn. You can reference something simple like their university, place, groups, past roles, mutual connections, or nonprofit interests
  2. Have they published articles or pushed any pertinent content online? 
  3. What’s going on with their company? Have they raised funding recently? Maybe they landed a marquee customer or announced the expansion of a team. 

This allows you to take something like

  • “Knowing you lead marketing efforts at {{company}}, I’m curious to understand how you’re managing demand generation and execution of your content strategy” 
  • to “Knowing you lead marketing efforts at {{company}}, I’m curious to understand how you’re managing demand generation and your content strategy. I noticed {{company}} just announced in March that you’re expanding into the European market, are you responsible for educating the new segment on the [product line] platform?” 

The examples are endless, but there’s one takeaway here.. Personalization makes you relevant, helpful, and increases your opportunity to start meaningful conversations and forge relationships that lead to pipeline and revenue. 

We’re not selling dreams here, just the ability to communicate like a human being.. at scale 🙂


Ready to send? Hit the magic Launch Pursuit button and we’ll take the delivery from here. 

By default, we’ll include your signature (assuming you added it in Administration), include an opt-out link, disable emails from sending to those that reply, and those that reply to emails. 


In tandem with your email outreach, we highly recommend taking a multichannel (excuse the buzzword) approach and incorporate calls and social interaction with your prospects. It takes 8-12 touchpoints on average to get a response to set a meeting, so get to your ideal outcomes quicker by doing so!


As with any platform, it’ll take some getting used to. However, we’re quite confident you’ll be able to primarily validate two areas that are absolutely key in the life of a sales pro, Time and Productivity. Or, in other words – efficiency and effectiveness. 

So ask yourself a few questions to see if you’re finding improvement in these arenas:

  • How much less time does it take to assemble a list of say, 50 Contacts? 
  • How much less time does does it take to send 50 outbound emails in a day? 
  • Continuing on that, how much less time does it take to send 50 personalized outbound emails a day? 
  • How much less time am I spending on data entry (for uploading to CRM manually, copying & pasting emails, manually creating contacts, etc)

Here’s my favorite question, “As a rep, how many contacts can I now manageably reach out to?”

I’m so glad I asked on your behalf. Seriously, this is a very important question! Think of it this way: 

  • Let’s say your goal is to reach out to 50 new Contacts every business day. 
  • Let’s say your Pursuit consists of 6 emails over the course of 3 weeks. 
  • As a ramped rep, chances are that you have the ability to compile a list of 50 verified Contacts, cleanse data, and send to CRM within 15-20 minutes
  • Since adding your Contacts to a Pursuit and personalizing all of your emails is a breeze, let’s say you spend 40 minutes (on the aggressive side here) on tailoring emails. 
  • In an hour’s time, it’s realistic that you can reach 50 ideal contacts with authenticity. 
  • Now, what happens if you take an hour of your day every day for 3 weeks?
  • Regardless if you’re account based or lead based in your approach, you’ll comfortably be reaching 500 people on a given day within two weeks.
  • Let me boil this down. You can be actively communicating to 500 prospects. Every. Single. Day!

That does it for Week One! We’d love to hear how your experience has been going with FoxBound. Reach us at or me personally at 

Happy hunting. In our next section, we’ll talk about how to measure statistics and make the case for FoxBound internally. 



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