Creating Follow Up Steps

Create a Multi-Step Sales Campaign with Pursuit

Written by Zach Sergio

Written by Zach Sergio

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

Picking up where, “Getting started with Pursuit,” leaves off, let’s quickly run through the creation of the rest of your Campaign. 


We just created our first step, but to drive conversions you’re going to need to have follow up actions. We recommend taking a multichannel approach, leveraging Pursuit for email along with phone calls and social media. 

Creating follow ups

Click +Add New Step to open the Email Editor again. 

Lauch pursuit

We walked through this in detail in our previous guide. If you’ve skipped ahead, let’s sum up what’s available here

  • Day of Delivery
  • Threading (Outlook API does not facilitate threading yet, so this is only for Gmail)
  • Subject Line
  • Composer
  • Formatting
  • Variables
  • Preview
  • Test Email
FoxBound Email Steps


For follow up emails, be sure to…

Edit Days Since Last Email

Assuming your first step is Day 0 as recommended, let’s say that sent out on a Monday. Day 2 would be Tuesday, 3 is Wednesday, and so on. It’s dynamic from the day of initial delivery, so don’t worry about sending follow ups on time. We recommend spacing emails out by at least 2 days and no less than 5 days. 

Day since last email

Check your Thread

Check thread

*Outlook API does not facilitate threading yet, so threading is only for Gmail

If you thread to a previous email, you’ll notice the Subject Line disappears and is locked. 

Compose your Email

Refer to Getting Started with Pursuit for more guidance on writing your messaging. For now, I’m going to punch in some sample text from my favorite text generator, jeffsum.com (because who doesn’t like Jeff Goldman quotes?).

Be sure to hit Command + Shift + V or Control + Shift + V to paste as plain text!

Send a Test

Because again, it never hurts to double check your work and see how your message appears on a computer and a cell phone. 


Whenever you’re done hit the Save button!

Save Emails

How Long Should my Pursuit be?

Sales research shows that it takes an average of 8-12 Touch points to garner a reply. As a general practice, your Pursuit can consist of:

  • 4-6 emails
  • 3-4 calls
  • 2-3 social activities
  • over the course of 2-4 weeks

Our work isn’t done here, time to add contacts!


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