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FoxBound is a Pipeline Generation Platform
for the Modern Sales Team

So, want to try FoxBound for yourself? It’s free and easy to get started! Just bring your sales story, your dream targets (and a little bit of hustle). We help deliver the rest.

Generate Validated, Pristine Lists of Prospects

To manually create just 1 contact record in a CRM, it takes an average of 25 clicks and 2 minutes.. With FoxBound DataScout, you can create a list of 25 contact records in 2 minutes!

DataScout - B2B Email Finder

Sell Faster Than Humanly Possible

Data is only half the battle. Do you really want create the pipeline you need to hit your number and pad your bank account? Then you need sales automation tools like FoxBound Pursuit to reach more qualified prospects in a fraction of the time. 

FoxBound Product & Customer FAQ's

We didn’t set out to win a “most complex & expensive software” award..

In fact, our founders are former sales executives who happen to believe that lead-generation & sales automation tools should be accessible & affordable. 

Have 10 minutes to spare?

Then we’re the bearers of good news. That’s all you need to sign up, download our tools, and setup your integrations. 

Powerful alone. Better together.

Some teams simply needed lead-generation tools like DataScout. Others just need a sales automation tool like Pursuit. Most use both for full effect. And you? Just do what’s best for you & your business! Check out our plans here. 

There’s customer support.. and then there’s FoxBound customer support. In other words, yes to both! You could say we’re in the business of seeing our customers achieve real sales success 🙂

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Geoff W.

Geoff W.

"FoxBound is awesome! It makes prospecting easy and the on-boarding is extremely intuitive."

Catalina M.

Catalina M.

"I don't have to go to 3 different prospecting tools anymore! It can all be done with FoxBound."


Book More Qualified Meetings with Cold Email


We analyzed 3M+ emails and identified 9 key characteristics across top-performing campaigns. Grab a checklist and uncover what we found!


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