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The Case for FoxBound DataScout

Buckle up.

Presumably, you’re here because you’re already familiar with the capabilities and benefits of effectively using Lead Generation tools. 

If you’re still new to the topic, we recommend checking out the 2020 Buyer’s Guide to Lead Generation Tools.

Here, our goal is to give you a sense of what sets FoxBound apart from others in this category and share what a partnership with FoxBound looks like.

Specifically, we make our case for

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Here's What We'll Cover

1: Challenge Statement
A) Targeted Outcomes
B) Takeaway

2: Key Attributes Required  
A) How DataScout Delivers
B) Competitive Distinctions
C) Compelling Evidence

3: Selection & Partnership
A) Immediate Onboarding 
B) Ongoing Enablement
C) FoxBound’s Long Term Vision & DataScout Strategy 

4: Next Steps

Let’s begin!

1: Challenge Statement

In our Lead Generation Buyer’s Guide, we discussed three common scenarios that spur teams to search for alternatives. 

Here’s a quick recap: 

Scenario #1: No Lead Generation Solution: This is the first time a lead-gen solution is being introduced to your sales stack.

Scenario #2: Ineffective Lead Generation: There’s an existing lead-generation solution in place, but it’s not meeting business needs 

Scenario #3: Expensive Lead Generation: There’s a powerful lead solution in place, but it’s extremely costly and / or not scalable. 

Click here for the full read.

For all three scenarios, we also reviewed the varying degrees of challenges associated with each: 

  • Operational Inefficiency
  • Poor Data Quality
  • Risk of Missing Quota
  • Onboarding & Training Challenges
  • Associated Hard & Soft Costs Incurred


A) Targeted Outcomes

Up to this point, we’ve established where you are today and what the ramifications of the status quo include. 

We also solidified that an effective solution will help you achieve these outcomes:

#1: Optimized Operational Efficiency Drives Productivity

#2: Improved Data Quality Increases Conversions and CRM Cleanliness

#3: Minimized Risk of Missing Quota

#4: Reduced Financial & Administrative Overhead

B) Takeaway

This makes it easy to boil down the objectives at hand:

  • Maximizing Productivity: Removing barriers and process gaps to increase productivity
  • Improving Data Quality: Quickly gather clean, verified data to fuel successful sales campaigns
  • Minimizing Risk: Eliminating obstacles standing in the way of quota
  • Reducing Financial Impact: Lowering total cost of ownership from a hard & soft cost perspective

Now, this begs the question, “What is it going to take to get from Point A to Point Z?”

2) Key Attributes Delivered by DataScout

The core attributes required to achieve this are listed in the blank scorecard template below.


Sales Evaluation Scorecard: Sales
Engagement & Lead Generation

A) How DataScout Delivers

It’s time to take a closer look at how FoxBound DataScout helps clients achieve the goals and objectives we’ve established. 

  • Maximizing Productivity: The DataScout extension accelerates lead generation first by automating the list-building process.

    From the view of a LinkedIn search query or individual profile, a DataScout user simply needs to open the extension, select a List to store prospects in, and “Add Prospects” to the List. 

    Studies show that manually creating 25 prospect records can take upwards of 60-90 minutes. DataScout accomplishes the same task in less than 30 seconds 

  • Improving Data Quality: DataScout doesn’t stop there. As users pull prospects into Lists, FoxBound’s proprietary data validation algorithm runs in the background. This consists of a series of checks designed to verify email deliverability.

    Further, DataScout also pulls extensive geographic & firmographic data based on the publicly available information. The end result?

    Contact and Company records are generated, validated, and compiled in a mere fraction of the time required by manual effort & entry level solutions.

  • Minimizing Risk: With automated list-building & real-time verification working tirelessly, DataScout users receive a few spinoff benefits.

    First, all reclaimed time can be reinvested into prospecting more or be redirected towards other sales activities. 

    Second, with intelligence on email deliverability & accuracy within reach, FoxBound acts as a buffer between a world full of bad data and your company’s CRM. 

    In turn, DataScout users only feed verified information into their sales outreach which increases engagement and conversion rates. This leads to an uptick in pipeline generation and a reduction in risk of missing quota.

  • Reducing Financial Impact: FoxBound DataScout delivers these capabilities in a manner that also proves financially attractive.

    From a hard cost perspective, DataScout is budget-friendly by most standards. With a fixed-fee, uncapped data credit usage model, buyers don’t have to worry about unpredictable spikes in cost from running out of credits. It is also common to see organizations that already have other data sources still invest in DataScout in order to increase LinkedIn ROI and acquire new data sources. 

    From a soft cost standpoint, DataScout first delivers return by offering a light-weight, yet powerful experience to the tactical end-user. Second, FoxBound is designed for speedy configuration and setup and does not require extensive services or training to onboard. Lastly, FoxBound’s tools are purpose-built to be integrated alongside existing tools in your tech stack. This lowers the operational overhead required by admins and users to maintain a tight process.  

B) Competitive Distinctions

  • True Understanding of Data Accuracy: Above all, DataScout delivers an honest representation of data quality. Information is categorized & flagged as valid, risky (catch-all), or invalid based on the resulting output from the algorithm.
  • Flexibility & Ease of Use: FoxBound’s engineering & UX teams take special care to ensure on-boarding is intuitive & effective. Power users of DataScout enjoy advanced list management, filtering, and sorting capabilities.

  • Open Ecosystem & Data Export: DataScout can be used to enroll prospects directly in sales campaigns in FoxBound’s Sales Engagement offering, Pursuit. Alternatively, there are users with a SEP in place that use DataScout as a standalone for list-building.

    DataScout also works to ensure exporting acquired information is quick & easy. HubSpot and Salesforce integrations are offered to all users. For other cases, a full Excel XLS support is offered. 

C) Compelling Evidence

We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t advise you to validate all of our claims with third-party proof. For your convenience, here’s a distilled list of external reviews and testimonials:

You’ll notice a few recurring themes that should be quite familiar! We’ll let you form your own opinion. 

From this point, you should also know what it’s like to be a FoxBound customer. 

3) FoxBound Selection & Partnership

We know that when the (virtual) ink dries, the real work has just begun.

At the end of the day, our goal is to fanatically support & enable our customers so that our customers can fanatically prospect!

Here’s how we make that happen.

A) Immediate Onboarding

Starting off on the right foot is incredibly important. During initial kickoff & training calls, our team will share best practices to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible. 

You and your stakeholders can expect to have communication channels with our team in the forms of live chat, ticketing support, and email. 

B) Ongoing Enablement

To help you and your team maintain a positive trajectory with FoxBound usage, you can expect to have access to the latest training videos, user guides, and other resources. 

For any other questions or feedback, FoxBound’s team is only a few clicks and keystrokes away if you need help.  

C) FoxBound's Long Term Vision & DataScout Strategy

FoxBound’s mission is to provide world-class products, expertise, and resources to help sales teams unleash their full potential.

As part of this, DataScout plays an integral role. For the foreseeable future, our action plans have our engineering team poised to ship the functionality required for meeting the key objectives we’ve discussed at length.   

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Enhancements to our machine learning & predictive analytics
  • Open API’s to help you leverage email/data verification in more use cases
  • Continued upgrades to our data accuracy and improvements to our algorithm

If your team is seriously considering FoxBound but have a few open items, we’d welcome an opportunity to meet with you. Book a demo here and we’ll make every effort to address your questions. 

Otherwise, what are you waiting for!?

Every minute you’re reading is a minute you’re not prospecting (seriously, you could have easily built a list of 100 prospects with DataScout in the time it took you read this article)!

Bottom Line: Whether you need Lead Generation as a standalone or need to combine it with Sales Engagement, we have you covered! Find the plan best fit for you below. 

Thanks for reading!

Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio


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