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Customizing Email Delivery Settings

Account Level vs Campaign Level Configurations

Written by Monica Marino

Written by Monica Marino

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

One Size Fits All Approach

We give our users the ability to set the email settings at the account level as a default for all future Pursuits.

This works best for companies that prospect one market within specific business hours.

To configure email settings across the entire account, select Administration at the bottom right.

Then select Email Settings in the sub tabs.

Then configure your settings for all Pursuits.


*Please note that the account settings will never override the campaign settings.

Custom Approach

Deliverability settings can now be configured under each Pursuit in order to send outbound emails at different times and different time zones for different markets.

Under the Pursuit section, select the blue Create Pursuit button. 


Once selected your account level settings will automatically populate if they are already configured. Here you will be able to edit the time zone, email start and end time and days of the week that emails can be delivered.

Create Pursuit

Viewing Email Campaign Deliverability Settings for Drafted or Live Pursuits

Each Pursuit will have a Settings sub tab. Please note that live Pursuits would need to be paused and re-launched in order to edit email settings for future steps.

Review process here for Pausing and Relaunching a Pursuit.


If you have any other questions regarding email deliverability settings,
please contact us at


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