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Understanding the Capabilities

Written by Monica Marino

Written by Monica Marino

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

When using sales automation, you should create a Pursuit with the intention of letting it run its course. In other words, we don’t recommend getting into the habit of launching and pausing email campaigns. 

However, we know there are times when you may need to pause a campaign!

In the Pursuit section, the status of each email campaign is categorized with different icons such as Drafting, Done, or Paused.

A Pursuit can be paused at any time in the email sequence by clicking into a Pursuit and selecting the purple Pause icon at the top right. This means that all of the remaining pending emails for the email campaign will not be sent. Also note that the paused campaign can stay in this status indefinitely. 

review and launch

Relaunching Functionality

1) Should you want to relaunch a campaign, the first thing to double check is your email deliverability settings. Make sure your time zone is correct, and ensure that you have the appropriate business hours selected in your email settings. 

You can navigate back to email settings by selecting your initials at the bottom left of the account and clicking Administration.


We recommend having at least a 3 hour window available for FoxBound to send emails within your designated business hours. If your start and stop window for sending emails is too short (for example, less than an hour) your relaunched Pursuit may not be delivered on the day you intended because it may be past the selected deliverability time. When this happens, FoxBound will send the emails the following business day.

time zone automation

2) Next, make the appropriate edits within the next pending step of your Pursuit. Based on the screen shot below, it’s easy to see the results of Day 1’s emails by quickly glancing at the icons. However, the Day 4 emails have no reporting because those emails have not been sent. 

Assuming we paused the campaign on Day 2, we would have to click into the Day 4 email template to make edits before relaunching.

sample pursuit

Once in the template, confirm the configurations within the Days Since Last Email section.

Email step

When the Pursuit is relaunched, FoxBound will send the next step based on these configurations:

  • 0 Day Since Last Email: the next step will be sent the same day the campaign was relaunched 
  • 1 Day Since Last Email: the next step will be sent the day after the campaign was relaunched
  • 2 Day Since Last Email: the next step will be sent 2 days after relaunching 
  • 3 Day Since Last Email: the next step will be sent 3 days after relaunching 
  • 4 Day Since Last Email: the next step will be sent 4 days after relaunching

And so on… 

3) When you are done, click save and select the Launch Pursuit button in order to relaunch. All done!

review and launch

Viewing Steps in Chronological Order

Past and future emails can be viewed by navigating to Outbox within a Pursuit.


Scroll down past the steps that were already sent before the campaign was paused. Immediately after, you will see the pending emails with their correlated dates and times.

scheduled steps


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