September Product Updates - FoxBound 2.0

Zach Sergio, Co-Founder

Zach Sergio, Co-Founder

Bringing you up to speed on our newest release!

FoxBound 2.0

September 26th, 2019

We've been busy!

Our Engineering team has been working relentlessly to create the world’s best prospecting platform. This week, we’ve pushed quite a few enhancements for you to put to use. 

Here’s the highlights we’ll cover:

  • New email validation model
  • DataDen enhancements
  • General items & fixes
  • Coming soon

Email Validation Model

For our data tools, DataScout & DataDen, we’ve historically shown email validation in the form of “Confidence Intervals.”

When you pulled new contacts, we applied a “High, Medium, or Low” tag to emails to indicate their odds of delivering to prospects.

To give you an understanding of what’s going on under the hood, we’ve adjusted the model. Now, you’ll see that emails are categorized based on the following: 

  • Valid: This means we’re able to run our verification algorithm successfully on the email address. You’ll see these emails marked with a green checkmark.
  • Pattern Match: Since it’s not possible for every email to be validated beyond a shadow of a doubt, we’ve incorporated the ability to apply a common email pattern by selecting a Contact(s) and clicking the “Apply Pattern” button in the toolbar.
  • Catch-All: Some servers don’t allow any email validation service to verify with 100% certainty. That’s because catch-all email servers give valid pings for any email. So, “” would register as valid and so would “” We mark these emails with the common pattern of If you know the correct pattern, you can apply it as well.
  • Invalid: Our email validation formula can only be as strong as the data that feeds it. You’ll see invalid email addresses when there’s a limitation in the first name, last name, or domain input. If a Contact is no longer at a company or if the name is incorrect, it’s likely you’ll see this status.
  • Blocked / Not Found: Sometimes, we will not be able to complete our email validation algorithm. If an email server blocks our validation attempt, you’ll see this status. Or, if we cannot verify the existence of an email domain/server, you’ll see this status.
  • Open: When you bring in data from outside sources or create them manually, you’ll see these records be marked as “Open.” 

You’ll notice these changes will be applied to FoxBound’s web application as well as the DataScout plugin. 


We’ve also shown DataDen some love in recent iterations. We’re now adding Company Profiles and Contact Profiles for each of the records in our B2B database. This gives sales the ability to perform further research on target accounts & prospects.

These updates also serve as a foundational layer of functionality for our roadmap as we continue to enhance the ability to deliver personalized campaigns at scale. 

General Items & Fixes

Not every new feature & functionality can have its own section, here’s a sum-up: 

  • DataScout now pulls extra datapoints to also give you company information instead of just contact data
  • Additionally, all of these datapoints can now be exported to CSV
  • Activity reports can now be exported from a Pursuit so you can analyze metrics offline
  • We improved the look & consistency of all tables in the application. 
  • A beta update for locating phone numbers has been added to DataScout
  • Fixed formatting challenges with Pursuit’s editor.
  • A feature request for opening a Pursuit after enrolling contacts in a campaign has been added
  • Subject line personalization in the Pursuit delivery window
  • Performance optimizations & stability upgrades to the FoxBound web app.

Coming Soon

Here’s a few glimpses of the near future for our roadmap:

  • Optimization to our Salesforce and HubSpot integrations.
  • Continued focus on consistency in experience, design, usability 
  • Enhancements for Pursuit’s personalization editor
  • A new take on Templates and email creation to make creating new campaigns easier
  • Upgrades to DataScout’s performance & UI/UX
  • The ability to validate a (to be determined) number of existing email records within an hour

That’s it for updates for the moment. On a final note, here’s a big shout-out to our engineers for their hard work in making the magic happen! 🙌 🎉

Do you have a feature request or feedback? Feel free to reach me at and I’ll add it to the backlog. 

See for yourself!

Put our new updates to work with a FoxBound account. Sign up free & receive 25 data credits per month for list-building and email validation.


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