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SKS Enterpprises: Acquiring 10x More Clients per Year with FoxBound

SKS Case Study: Business Development Team uses FoxBound to 10x New Meetings Set

Optimizing Business Development for the Company Changing HR

Headquartered in Mumbai, this 4 year old company is changing the game by providing an all-encompassing HR solution. SKS Enterpprises provides a user-intuitive platform that uses machine learning and AI to connect employers with job seekers to minimize turnaround time. SKS also offers payroll processing, managed accounting services, administrative and legal services, which makes them a one stop shop for all HR needs.

Shreyansh Sanghani, the Founder of SKS Enterpprises, is a big believer in efficiency and streamlining. “An essential part of growing any company involves learning what solutions are out there that can help overcome the challenges of growing a business — what Shreyansh calls “doing more with less effort.

One of the biggest challenges recruiting companies face is balancing how quickly to fill positions with qualified candidates. That said, most people don’t realize that recruiting can sometimes be more challenging than other industries because two parties need to align.

SKS has enjoyed strong product-market fit, but Shreyansh and his team needed a way to introduce their services to a larger portion of the addressable market. To really take advantage of market opportunity, Shreyansh realized their business development team department would need to be built out. 

The Challenge: Manual Processes and Inefficiency

Shreyansh had previously hired a business development rep who was manually searching and prospecting leads. The process was so monotonous that the company was converting around 15 high value customers per year. This was sufficient revenue but Shreyansh quickly realized that the existing process wasn’t scalable. 

SKS’ Path to FoxBound

That is when Shreyansh came across a LinkedIn post from FoxBound that was offering a spreadsheet that included value added email subjects lines, CTA’s and open added questions that could increase engagement for cold outbound outreach. Once Shreyansh reviewed the information and liked what he saw, he reached out the FoxBound team to understand how sales automation could help his company. 

The Results: 13% Reply Rates and 10 New Customers

After a quick demo, Shreyansh signed up for a trial account to test out FoxBound’s functionality and understand the potential capabilities. Using the free LinkedIn version as a data source in tandem with FoxBound, Shreyansh was able to capture 150 emails in minutes. From there, he was quickly able to create a 5-step sales campaign with Pursuit by making use of the email templates. After deploying his personalized cold emails, he received 20 replies (13%) and was able to convert 10 new B2B customers in less than 2 weeks after conversion.

He adds: “We operate and successfully compete in APAC and European regions. Having the ability to prospect and convert high quality candidates is why we believe FoxBound is mission critical for our business."

Shreyansh Sanghaniarun , Founder of SKS Enterpprises

business development

Actual 10x Results

In other words, their manual outbound process acquired 15 customers in a year. When powered by FoxBound, 10 were acquired in less than a month. With sustained success, this new system is poised to deliver over 10 times the results as compared to the old way – all without complex setup or heavy investments into legacy software.   

After seeing the results he achieved using FoxBound in such a short time, Shreyansh quickly purchased FoxBound. He’s now evaluating LinkedIn Sales Navigator to gain deeper segmentation options for  DataScout.

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Free to Start, Easy Setup, Powerful Results

The Key to Repeatable, Scalable Growth

“Just like our clients have hiring goals and metrics they need to hit, we have one main internal initiative which is working smarter and not harder,” explains Shreyansh. And he’s particularly proud of the results he has achieved when it comes to gaining partners that are actively hiring quality candidates.

With all of their combined experience in HR services and IT, the SKS team is a trusted advisor to their partners and job seekers rely on them.

The Path Forward

From here, Shreyansh plans to scale his team of Business Development Reps. As headcount expands, FoxBound’s platform will continue to anchor their scalable outbound process and decrease ramp times. The future is bright for the SKS team as they aim to continue to crush company revenue targets.

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