Strunk Leverages FoxBound to Build & Execute Go-To-Market Strategy

"Within the first two months of using FoxBound, I sourced and closed 44% of my annual quota"
- Noah Rosenberg

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It’s February 2019 in Atlanta, GA. 

The hero of the story, Noah Rosenberg, has just started a brand new role as Strunk’s Business Development Director. 

Historically, the organization focused solely on the financial services sector. Shortly after Noah’s arrival, this would change. That’s because Strunk’s leadership team identified a significant new opportunity in the technology segment – and he was going responsible for leading the go-to-market charge. 

Put yourself in Noah’s shoes for a second. Imagine being a few days into a new role and a major company initiative is now your #1 priority!

There was no time to lose. 

With tall orders and limited time, he realized he first needed to build and scale Strunk’s lead generation & outbound strategy – and quickly. 

There was just one little problem.

The incumbent tools, processes, and systems in place simply wouldn’t meet timelines. There was absolutely no way manual outreach would scale. And the processes in place for lead generation were too slow to generate enough data to go to market. 

So, he took to the web to search the marketplace for new solutions.

Noah quickly trialed a number of tools, but none seemed to a fit. He found most to either be functionally limited or to be prohibitively expensive. 

Then, he came across FoxBound’s platform. After quick research, it became clear that the DataScout + Pursuit combo could be the perfect balance of power & value. 

So, he booked a demo to learn more. 

This is where the game changed for Noah. 

He first spoke with the FoxBound team in late February. Within a week, he deployed a brand new outbound strategy – entirely built on FoxBound’s platform. 

This included a full process for scalable lead generation, personalized messaging, and execution. 

Now, here’s where it really get’s interesting. 

After 2 short months, Noah sourced and closed over 44% of his annual quota! By the end of year 1, he absolutely knocked it out of the park.

DataScout allowed him and his team to quickly build lists of validated prospects in their target market. Compared to old methods, this saved hours per week on lead-gen. 

This, combined with Pursuit’s email automation & personalization capabilities, Noah was able to easily generate new sales opportunities. 

With all the reclaimed time, he was also able to focus more on closing deals in his pipeline rather than just source them.

Noah’s role has since expanded in the second year of his sales journey with Strunk. He now oversees multiple segments and continues to leverage FoxBound to drive go-to-market campaigns. 

Noah R.

Noah R.

"FoxBound is a pivotal tool for building businesses...It's the #1 tool I utilize to do my job!"

April 28th, 2020
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