Does Cold Email Actually Work?

Well, we analyzed 3.27M+ emails delivered from FoxBound. Here's what we found!

The Must-Have Cold Email Checklist for Maximum Conversions

We compiled countless hours of research into 4 pages. Once you download the Cold Email Checklist, you’ll come away with 9 actionable insights to help you:

What Holds Cold Email Campaigns Back?

Outbound and cold email campaigns get a bad reputation (and for good reason!). Many senders fail to follow best practices in their outreach efforts. Unfortunately, consequences can be long-term and negatively affect future campaigns.

Bad Data

Your cold email will never reach the prospect without a valid email address..

The Spam Trap

So you have valid data, but what about delivery? Is it actually hitting the inbox?

Bland Messaging

Nobody likes responding to a robot with no manners. Are you following etiquette?


Cold Email Can Work For Anyone, Including You!

“It’s easy to shy away from embracing cold email. You’re guaranteed to face rejection. And it’s a constant cycle of trial-and-error. 

However, once you adopt the best practices used by the top performers, you will see results! It’s time to cut the excuses, stop the negative self-talk, and double down on key principles. 

Our team is excited to share our latest research in the form of the Cold Email Checklist. Always remember, your next big opportunity is just 1 well-placed cold email away!”

Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio

Co-Founder, FoxBound

Opportunity Awaits!

There’s zero to lose and 9 actionable insights to gain. Ready?


What's the Best Place to Send Your New Checklist?


Book More Qualified Meetings with Cold Email


We analyzed 3M+ emails and identified 9 key characteristics across top-performing campaigns. Grab a checklist and uncover what we found!


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