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Join hundreds of other organizations using FoxBound to reclaim 600+ hours a year and open new sales opportunities. For a limited time, plans are starting at as little as $27 per month!

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FoxBound is a self-service platform and makes upgrading easy!

Project ReBound - FoxBound April Announcements

Head to the Billing Area of FoxBound

Start by clicking your initials in the bottom left-hand corner and select “Billing.” Or, just click below and head straight there!

Project ReBound - FoxBound April Announcements

View Options and Select a Plan

You can use the toggle to switch from Monthly to Annual terms. 

Project ReBound - FoxBound April Announcements

Apply REBOUND30 and Upgrade!

Click “Upgrade” to open the card popup. All you have to do is add your payment information and apply REBOUND30 under the “Discount Code” field. 

After you click “Complete Account Upgrade,” your payment will be securely processed with Stripe and your account will be instantly updated!

"FoxBound gives us time back so we can focus our attention on closing prospects rather than just finding them.. In the first 2 months of using FoxBound, I sourced and closed 44% of my annual quota!"​


What Else Do You Get?

FoxBound delivers the critical technology you need to save time, book meetings – and do a whole lot more. 

2-Minute Onboarding

Setup your account in the blink of an eye

Product-Led Enablement

Become a prospecting expert with hands-on tutorials

Self-Service Purchasing

Upgrade anytime with monthly or annual plans 

Top-Notch Support

Our support team is always here to help. 

Security & Compliance

Third-party tests have proven GDPR and CCPA compliance

AI-Driven List Building

Our validation algorithm is constantly learning!

Turnkey CRM Integrations

Instantly sync with HubSpot, Salesforce, Gmail, or Outlook 

Real Time Reporting

We make it easy to stay on top of open, click, and reply rates.

300+ Organizations Execute Their Strategy Using FoxBound

Top-performing teams leverage top-performing technology!

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G2 Crowd

Noah R.


Director of Business Development

“FoxBound gives us time back so we can focus our attentions on closing prospects rather than finding them.”

Geoff W.


Senior Account Executive

“FoxBound is awesome! The onboarding is extremely intuitive and it makes prospecting easy.”

Scott G.

Inside Sales Manager

“I am on the road in the field 3-4 days a week in meetings and without this tool, I would not be able to prospect efficiently.”

Opportunity Awaits!
We've concluded the REBOUND30 special. Stay tuned for upcoming incentive programs.

Unleash Your Sales Potential With FoxBound

“It’s like having an army of interns doing your busywork so you can focus on selling!”


Tired of manually building lists of prospects? Try using DataScout to harness the world’s top database, LinkedIn. Now, you can compile a list of 100+ verified prospects in a matter of minutes!


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The Sales Community Community ❤️'s FoxBound

Enable the Team

“A solid tool for B2B sales. Empowers front-line to discover and engage prospects”

- G2 Crowd Review

Fast Time-to-Value

“It is easy to use and there is immediate value. My job as a seller has been made much easier.”

- G2 Crowd Review

Easy Personalization

“The tool’s ability to personalize efficiently and very quickly is the best feature.”

- G2 Crowd Review

A Game Changer

“It’s a game-changing platform. The only thing that I don’t like is that we haven’t upgraded our account yet”

- G2 Crowd Review

Next Generation Tech

“This platform is nothing like I have ever experienced! Cutting edge tech!”

- Chrome Store

Verified Data

“Once linked to my account it helped me see who I’ve got available contact info for. Super useful!”

- G2 Crowd Review

Unleashed Productivity

“I don’t have to go to 3 prospecting tools anymore.. it can all be done with FoxBound!”

- Capterra Review

Take Back Time

“It’s such a seamless experience. If the team is reading this, keep it up guys! You guys saved me a lot of trouble and time!”

- Chrome Store Review

Your Competition Won't Be Able to Keep Up 😎
We've concluded the REBOUND30 special. Stay tuned for upcoming incentive programs.

Your Questions, Answered

Here’s a few of the common things we get asked.

Absolutely! You can use a credit card to purchase up to 10 licenses of any paid plan. Simply navigate to the Billing area of your FoxBound account to complete the transaction. If you have more than 10 users, we’ll work with you to customize a plan best fit for you & your business. 

No, you can’t. Your team will need to have the same plan across all users. If some users require data & others are looking for sales automation, they can all be on the Platform Plan. 

Yes, FoxBound provides the functionality for our customers to maintain GDPR compliance. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy. 

Contact your Account Manager or our sales team at sales@foxbound.io to initiate a change in plan. Upgrading or adding licenses to your subscription will be prorated and coterminous with the originally purchased licenses. All licenses will renew at the same time. 

Yes, this is controlled in the Administration area of FoxBound. You do not need to buy another license if someone leaves your organization. Instead a user can be deactivated or removed and a new one can be added or activated. 

We take security very seriously and actively work to make sure all FoxBound users are verified. In addition to providing extra security, integrating your account to your email provider also allows Engage and Platform users to deliver emails through Pursuit. 

FoxBound's Commitment to Customer Success

Use our technology to execute your sales strategy. Rely on our team for even more support!

Unbeatable Value

When you move to FoxBound, you’ll get an enterprise-grade platform with affordable, flexible pricing. In other words, it’s off-the-charts ROI! 

Top-Notch Support

We’ve walked miles in your shoes and know sales isn’t easy. That’s why we work as hard as you do to make sure you’re equipped with the right resources to succeed. 

Relentless Innovation

Our R&D team is committed to delivering a world-class sales platform for years to come. By investing in FoxBound, you invest in rapid innovation. 

Stability & Security

It’s 2020. Security, privacy, and uptime is not a game. our crew works around the clock to ensure your information is safe and that the platform is running optimally. 

Generate $1,000,000+ in New Pipeline - All for Less Than the Cost of Your Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu Subscriptions! 😳
We've concluded the REBOUND30 special. Stay tuned for upcoming incentive programs.

Stop Letting Busywork Hold You Back

If You Want to Go Farther, Faster - Go With FoxBound!

Hey Friend,

There’s no way around it. Time’s are tough right now.

That’s exactly why we launched Project ReBound in late March. Since then, we’ve been working tirelessly with dozens of teams to help formulate and launch their COVID-19 sales response strategies.

So far, the results have been amazing! It’s living proof that there’s still room to step up, grow, and help others even during unprecedented adversity.

As part of Project ReBound, we authorized an emergency measure to decrease all pricing by 30%. It was the biggest offer we’ve ever released. That’s how strongly we believe that the best thing sales teams can do is to KEEP SELLING!

We promise – your future customers need your help..

And you still need a way to quickly find contact info and communicate with them at scale..

Now’s not the time to play the waiting game.. 

It’s time to take action and step up!

Next Steps with Project ReBound

In case you’re wondering, Project ReBound will continue as an ongoing initiative. We also have plenty of other exciting offers and updates in store!

However, the 30% discount with REBOUND30 is set to expire at 11:59pm EST on May 11

Not a minute more, not a minute less.

But don’t worry, we’ve taken added measures to remove all risk for your purchase.

In fact, we’re so confident in the value that our team, technology, and resources provides that we’re backing your purchase up with a 7-day guarantee!

On top of that, your subscription will also include access to future add-ons (workflows, VoIP dialer, integrations, new data tools, etc) for your respective plan.

So if you’re still on the fence about moving forward with FoxBound, you might be thinking one of these things.. 

1) “Nobody is responding during the pandemic – and email definitely doesn’t work.”

This simply isn’t true. 🙂

Not only is our own team still getting serious responses, our customers are too! And that’s across dozens of industries and segments.

So let’s clear this up:

  • Is email a channel that’s getting worn out during this crisis? Yes.
  • Is there plenty of room to use email in a refreshing, effective way? Absolutely!
At the end of the day, email is just a tool. It’s merely a vehicle for your message. If anything, it’s your own messaging that needs tweaking (and don’t worry, we help with that too!)

2) “Personalization at scale isn’t possible.”

Here’s what doesn’t work:

  • Blasting out emails.
  • Manually personalizing emails one by one

Here’s what does work:

  • Delivering the optimal volume of personalized emails to segmented audiences.

And FoxBound provides the means to do exactly that. See more on the “FoxBound effect” below. We eat our own cooking.

Also, most people have “personalization at scale” all wrong. At the end of the day, segmentation is the key, not time-consuming one-off customizations. 

3) “We have enough inbounds to get by”

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that “inbound and outbound don’t go together.”

In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Teams that use outbound to effectively engage prospects will set meetings  (primary objective) AND drive others towards their content & build familiarity (secondary objective). 

Because with inbound, you don’t have complete control over who enters your funnel. 

But guess what? 

With outbound, you do. 

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. With outbound, can build the relationship between you and your prospects – without even talking to them.

And then, when timing is right, who do they go to? You!

And that’s because you put the work in.

As iron sharpens iron, outbound sharpens inbound.


4) “We’ve never used this kind of technology before. Why start now?”

Don’t go the way of the Dodo bird. It’s 2020. Times have changed. We all have to do more with less.

Optimizing your technology, workflow, and process is the only way to scale output without cloning yourself or finding a way to time travel.

(Sorry, we haven’t figured those out yet.. but we do know how to streamline your workday and save you 600+ hours a year!)

And remember, what got you here won’t always get you there.

Don’t fall into the status quo trap just because, “that’s just the way we do things here.” 

5) “I’m not sure my team will actually use this.”

Tools are just the start. Adoption and consistent usage is EVERYTHING. That’s why we go all-in on customer support and provide an array of professional services to make sure your team squeezes the most value out of FoxBound.

Between us, our resources, and our partners, you can have nothing but confidence that you’ll receive a 5-star experience with FoxBound. 

6) “I don’t want to overcomplicate our process. And I’m not sure my team will actually use this.”

Many times, introducing another tool causes friction and makes the daily workflow more complicated.

When this happens, adoption bottoms out. And before long, the tool you bought and all its promises just collect dust on the shelf. 

With FoxBound, it’s quite the opposite!

Not only is our platform proven to streamline inefficient processes, our exclusive resources and tactics are also tested to stack the deck in your favor 

At the end of the day, it’s a two way street. We can’t sell for you. But if you’re willing to put forth the effort, we’ll make sure you’re armed with the tools and tactics to make the most of your time. 

That includes help with change management, onboarding, and ongoing training. 

7) “I’m not sure about cost…”

Let’s be real here. 

With FoxBound, pricing objections are at best, flimsy. Think about all the subscriptions we all have.. streaming subscriptions, coffee, etc. Do any of them actually make you money? Do you think twice about paying it? 

FoxBound may be the only subscription you pay for that actually saves you hundreds of hours and helps you generate real pipeline. 

Go look at the market. You won’t find anything else that delivers the power, versatility, support, and experience that FoxBound provides.  

In fact, we could charge 4x for our software and still bring on a steady stream of customers. 

But that’s not why we started this company..

We built FoxBound to make mission critical tools widely available, not to squeeze every penny out of our customers!

Go source 1 deal. That in itself will be 10x ROI.

Go put in 4 hours of prospecting. You’ll breakeven on time saved alone. 

If you actually use FoxBound, you’ll find yourself saying, “that paid for itself” about 100 times this year. 

8) “Outbound doesn’t work.. And cold email dead.”

If you’ve been misled by so-called “experts” that delivered empty promises with “outbound hacks,” you’re right to be wary of outbound. 

If you’ve tried outbound before and it didn’t work, I get it, that’s a painful experience!

Make no mistake, there’s nothing you can do to mitigate rejection. 

But the thing is, you just need to engage the prospects that need you.

With outbound FoxBound, you get everything you need to make that happen! 

(And by the way, nobody can do anything to help people that get angry at any email that enters their inbox)

You don’t need them anyway.

9) “Tools like this are too complicated for us to use.”

Last, but certainly not least, the classic, you should know this 

Every day, FoxBound’s product team works to ensure that innovation and ease-of-use is one of FoxBound’s cornerstone qualities. 

And as of May 4th, we’ve already delivered 11 new releases in 2020. 

There’s no signs of slowing down. 

The thing  is, by investing in FoxBound now, you’re not just investing in yourself. 

You’re also investing in a team that’s fully dedicated to building the worlds most powerful, easy-to-use sales acceleration platform. 

In other words, you’re investing a better future 💪.

And you can take that promise the bank. 

Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio

Co-Founder, COO

The Best Time to Prospect Was Yesterday. The Second Best Time Is Right Now!
We've concluded the REBOUND30 special. Stay tuned for upcoming incentive programs.

Here's How to Apply a Discount Code in the Billing Area (3 Steps)


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