Compiling Your Business Case for FoxBound

Written by Zach Sergio

Written by Zach Sergio

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

On behalf of the team here, thank you for putting in the time & effort to evaluate FoxBound as your all-in-one prospecting platform over the last few weeks.

Before we tie up loose ends, here’s what we’ve covered in the FoxBound Trial Guides:

Assuming you’re a rep that’s found success using our platform and process for selling externally, we’re confident you’ll find success selling internally

If you’re going to put the team on your back and don’t need us as backup, here are a few questions to ask yourself to gauge improvement in terms of Time and Productivity as discussed in the Execution section. 

  • How much less time does it take to assemble a list of say, 50 Contacts? 
  • How much less time does does it take to send 50 outbound emails in a day? 
  • Continuing on that, how much less time does it take to send 50 personalized outbound emails a day? 
  • How much less time am I spending on data entry (for uploading to CRM manually, copying & pasting emails, manually creating contacts, etc)

If you’ve been operating on your own up to this point and would like some assistance in closing the loop, reach out to us to review & discuss:

  • What you should know about initiating software purchases
  • Recommended resources to use internally
  • Where to elevate the discussion first
  • Any outstanding items / challenges
  • How to best sell internally to executives
  • Our licensing model
  • What to expect when onboarding FoxBound as a new solution 
  • Your short & long term goals

Reach us at the chat box in your bottom right, drop us a note at, or give us a call at (770) 415-5176!


The FoxBound Team


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