Scheduling Your Pursuit for Delivery

Personalizing and Scheduling your Pursuit

Written by Zach Sergio

Written by Zach Sergio

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

The chase is on!

We’ve created a Pursuit, added steps, added contacts, so there’s only two things left to do – personalize and schedule!

Scheduling Email campaigns

In the top right, you’ll see the green Launch Pursuit button. Click that to open up the Personalizer which can call FoxLogic.

Launch Pursuit

Email will not be sent until the Launch Pursuit button in selected at the bottom right.

Customize emails

Let's break down what you're looking at:


  1. On the left hand side, here are all your Recipients. 
  2. You can click through each step of the Pursuit and personalize each one by navigating with the < > buttons. This way, you can personalize all at once! 
  3. The Subject Line, as of the 5/9 as I write this tutorial, cannot be customized. However, this will change in the coming quarter so you can better personalize
  4. The body of the email can be edited complete. Be sure your formatting is all consistent! We recommend manually personalizing messaging from within FoxBound versus coping and pasting from another source. However, if you do copy and paste messaging you can use the clear formatting button.
  5. FoxLogic 1.0 on the right hand side. This is a weighted search designed to pull back the most relevant online information about your particular prospect. Quickly Control + Click or Command + Click to open a pertinent link and leverage it to personalize.
  6. Save & Edit Later – If you have some progress but your prospecting masterpiece needs to wait. 
  7. Launch Pursuit – My favorite button! When you click launch Pursuit, your emails will be set to deliver based on your Email Settings 

There you have it. Now, you can continue prospecting, make dials, track your success, and manage your pipeline while all your emails send automatically! Keep up the hustle!


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