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Written by Zach Sergio

Written by Zach Sergio

Last updated on Dec 6th, 2019

This article is a great starting point for familiarizing yourself with FoxBound and what the platform can do for you. 

Take Back Control of Your Time

In the same way the old sales adage, “time kills deals,” proves true time and time again, we’ve found that the lack of time and efficiency when it comes to prospecting does the same for reps’ attainment. 

So how do we put time back in your day?

  • Automate List-Building: In the words of one of our favorite authors, Jeb Blount, “Powerful lists get powerful results.” Before your 
  • Minimize CRM Data Entry: We hate data entry and are willing to bet you do too! FoxBound handles the export of your contacts & accounts to your CRM while you focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Create & Track Winning Messaging: FoxBound makes it simple to create campaigns and measure success. We’re here to help you take aim the moving target that we all call sales. 
  • Eliminate Tedious, Repetitive Email Drafting: “I like rewriting emails and copying and pasting them over and over again,” said no one ever. Leave the heavy lifting to us while you work on making connections, starting conversations, and setting meetings. 
  • Deliver Authentic, Human Messaging at Scale: Sales is one of many areas where science and art intersect. While we do believe, “sales is a numbers game,” selling is human. We’ll help you make sure you’re delivering with authenticity without burning through your work-day. 

Who uses FoxBound?

  • Sales & Business Development Teams who are looking to scale their messaging and increase efficiency in their quest to crack into their ideal accounts
  • Account Executives who’ve decided to take their quotas into their hands and are looking for a way to balance effective, timely prospecting with busy day-to-days
  • Recruiters who are on the search 
  • Channel Teams looking for ways to start meaningful and long-lasting connections with game changing new partners
  • Sales Operations seeking a sales enablement platform that is cost-effective, has low overhead, and massive ROI. We all know sales ops makes the world go round 🙂
  • Marketers who are trying to find a way for sales teams to effectively deliver content and maximize conversions of inbound leads

What Sets FoxBound Apart?

As an alternative to patching together decentralized point solutions (oftentimes at much greater cost, complexity, and overhead) FoxBound is everything you need to build a go-to-market tech stack. Great as individual products and best as a platform, FoxBound serves the key needs of compiling high-quality data and engaging prospects – all with a frictionless setup process and attractive price tag. 

Ready to learn more?

We’ll always be happy to lend a helping hand to organizations looking to fuse their strategy with execution & enable their team with process and tooling!

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