FoxBound + Hubspot

Send email activity automatically to HubSpot

Written by Monica Marino

Written by Monica Marino

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

This integration is available for pricing all plans.

Integrate FoxBound with your HubSpot account to automatically send email activity directly to a HubSpot lead or contact. This means you’ll be able to view all of your email communication within HubSpot timelines. 

Getting Started

In order for FoxBound to send data to HubSpot, you’ll first need to have access to a FoxBound account – trial or active. Once in the FoxBound platform select your name at the bottom left to enable the options below. The click the Administration section.

Select Integrations within the sub-tabs.


Click Connect underneath the Hubspot logo to access the page that will allow you to Grant Access to enable the integration. 



Does FoxBound integrate with all Hubspot instances?

Yes, the free version and paid versions of Hubspot can be integrated with FoxBound.

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