Event Recap: Sales Segmentation Bootcamp

Sales segmentation bootcamp

We had a great time hosting our Sales Segmentation Strategy Bootcamp for all of our local sales professionals.  As a quick recap, the highlights of what we covered!

#1 LinkedIn & Email in B2B Sales Segmentation Strategy

For sales teams, especially inside sales, both LinkedIn and Email are great channels for  reaching the right decision makers at scale. When done correctly, they can:

  • Raise quality of opportunities entering the pipeline, assuming segmentation is properly executed
  • Increase productivity of sales teams, especially when paired with lead-capture and sales automation tools to eliminate manual tasks
  • Allow reps to identify and engage key stakeholders involved in the buying process. 

#2 Segmentation Basics

Not all targets necessarily demand the same level of attention, as we all know cracking into a SMB account and a Fortune 2000 account are two different worlds. So, we covered the varying processes and tactics for selecting & consuming the right information about varying levels of accounts. 

#3 Account Tiering

Further, we reviewed three example categories to tier accounts into. In addition, we reviewed what sorts of information a rep should gather about each tier. 

#4 Buyer Persona's & Communication Strategy

To add a few layers, the session covered the essentials on how to generate buyer personas and discussed their importance in your communication strategy. Here’s a post for more detail on this topic.

#5 Practical, Tactical Next Steps

We’re not big fans of fluffy theory or complex plans that can’t be put into action. So, we boiled down a list of Primary and Secondary next steps for teams to formulate strategies and also execute their next  plan. Whether you had a chance to join or not, take a quick look and see where you can improve! Enjoy. 

And one more thing, don't forget to share this with your fellow reps!

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