FoxBound + Salesforce

Send Contacts and Track Outbound Email Activities in Salesforce

Written by Monica Marino

Written by Monica Marino

Last updated on Dec 11th, 2019

FoxBound’s Salesforce integration enables you to automatically sync outbound email activity without any manual work. There is already a great deal of important data within your CRM, and using FoxBound adds valuable outbound communication to your Salesforce. 

Getting Started

In order for FoxBound to send data to Salesforce, you’ll have to enable the integration by first selecting your name at the bottom left to access the options below. Then selecting the Administration section.

Click Integrations within the sub-tabs.


Click Connect underneath the Salesforce logo. This will open up a new page were you will be able to sign in using your Salesforce credentials in order to grant FoxBound access.  


Do emails get tracked within leads and contacts?

Yes, email activity will be automatically sent to either leads or contacts.

How do I change the email associated with the Salesforce integration?

Navigate to your Administration settings, select Integrations and select change to edit the email address.

Am I able to add old outbound emails using this integration before FoxBound was integrated with Salesforce?

No, emails will only be automatically added to Salesforce after the integration is enabled.

What activity is tracked in Salesforce for leads and contacts?

Currently the outbound emails the are sent through FoxBound are tracked as completed email activities and we also sync the email replies.

What happens if an email doesn’t exist in Salesforce and I send an outbound email to that email address using FoxBound?

The email has to exist in Salesforce in order for the outbound email to sync to a lead or contact record. 

Can the name of my Pursuit gets pushed to Salesforce as a campaign?

Today our integration doesn’t currently associate any fields to Salesforce campaigns. 

If you and your sales team have feature requests for the Salesforce integration, please email us at and we will respond once the request has been reviewed by our product team.


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