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In4Velocity: Outbound Lead Generation, Done Right

Tackling Outbound Lead Generation

Nearly all B2B businesses struggle to create and implement a scalable outbound lead generation process. This is challenging across all industries because there is no cookie cutter approach. What may work very well for one company, may not work at all for another.

Marketers and sales leaders will agree that a strong synergy between these two departments works best with fewer moving parts and friction. This is especially true when structuring an outbound lead-generation process. 

Teams must address this from a people, process, and technology perspective. Organizations must understand their market and have a strong strategy. And not only is it important to be able to increase and monitor rep performance, is critical to implement an easy to use tools to drive adoption.

This is exactly why Varun Tulsyan at In4Velocity was intrigued when he came across a platform that could help him increase productivity without having to hire more reps or exert more effort on prospecting high quality leads.

About In4Velocity

Based out of Bengaluru, India, In4Velocity is a leading ERP provider for Real Estate, Construction, and Infrastructure businesses. They offer a software, In4Suite, that helps their 35,000+ users manage risk by enabling them to track complex day-to-day activities and daily transactions. 

In addition to the standard offering that competitors provide, In4Velocity goes the extra mile to offer consulting and implementation support to ensure that all customers achieve success with the platform.

The Technology Stack Before FoxBound

Within the last couple of years, the In4Velocity team has seen tremendous success capturing inbound leads and providing an exceptional product. But what it was missing was a tool that could enable the team to work smarter, not harder, to tap into new accounts.

Varun had used a sales automation tool called at his previous job and was disappointed with the functionality and implementation process. “It took us a month to implement because the tool was so complex. We also weren’t so happy with the support which made the experience worse since we had to pay extra for the assistance. I’ll never go back to that tool.”

At In4Velocity, the team used tools like (a data repository) and SalesHandy (which does email automation). While each addressed a single step of the prospecting process, they are siloed from one another. Instead, “FoxBound offers both of those things in one platform. But the real reason it was so easy to get my leadership team to approve this tool was because of the LinkedIn Chrome extension that enabled me to create my own list of prospects and capture their emails with one click.” Varun explains further that, “Neither or SalesHandy offer a Chrome extension or the ability for me to personalize the emails by offering Google search results for the contacts and the companies. And I truly believe this is the primary reason why I saw immediate results using FoxBound.

Up and Running With FoxBound

Within the 14 day trial, Varun set 7 meetings which normally would have taken him over 2 months with the previous process.

“FoxBound was the game changer that provided immediate results
and it increased my meetings scheduled by 10x”
- Varun Tulsyan

Email Personalization - Foxbound

“As a marketer it’s my responsibility to continue to improve and expand the awareness of our product which is why I was so surprised with the results using FoxBound and how effortless it was to implement it. I recommend it to any company looking for an all-in-one lead generation platform.”

Varun Tulsyan, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

Varun - FoxBound

Future Proof Outbound Lead Generation Processes

What once took Varun several hours of work, now only takes him one hour which allows him to focus on other parts of his job. “My prospecting process begins with leveraging LinkedIn to create a list of potential prospects. Then I use the FoxBound’s LinkedIn Chrome extension to capture the emails and add them to a lead list. Finally I launch the email campaign and view the open rates and reply rates later that afternoon,” says Varun.

Like most companies trying to scale quickly, it’s a frustrating challenge to try to increase productivity and profitability without increasing overhead.

Fortunately, with the help of FoxBound, In4Velocity isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. Varun looks to continue A/B testing subject lines and the content in the email campaigns to be able to optimize conversions.

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