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The Brutal Truth About Your Sales Productivity

Are you spending enough time & effort on revenue-generating activities?

The Ideal Day in the Life

It’s 5:56am. A brand new morning in a busy work-week just started.

You actually beat your 6am alarm, propelled awake knowing the day ahead is full of opportunities.

After all, the day is short.. and there’s much to do!

There’s opportunities to create, deals to progress, and new logos to add to the “closed won” column.

It’s now 6:35am. You’re fueled up for the day. By 7:15am, it’s time to hit the road..

You make it to the office at 7:48am. After settling in, pouring another cup of coffee, and firing up the computer, it’s 8:02am.

It’s go-time!

Your day consists of hammering out revenue-generating activities like:

  • Sending proposals to qualified opps
  • Prepping for client presentations
  • Prospecting through strategically selected list of target prospects
  • Asking successful clients for warm referrals
  • Setting up meetings with key executive stakeholders
  • Discounting less (yes, this counts)
  • Driving deals to the finish line

With work like this, time flies. 

After a focused, productive day, it’s already 5:47pm.

Time to head home, enjoy some free time, and prepare to crush the next day.

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Ideal, right?

If only it were that easy..

Does This Sound Familiar?

Let’s rewind back to 8:02am.

Your laptop takes a few minutes to fire up (along with the 40 tabs you had open yesterday).

You start with the calendar. It’s a busy day ahead.

There’s a sales meeting at 10:00am and a quick team lunch at 11:30am. The afternoon holds a few more calls at 2pm and 4pm.

Off the calendar, you have a lot to tackle. You have prospecting work to put in, opportunities in pipeline to manage, and a few deals to carry across the finish line.

Before you know it, it’s 8:35am. The day is racing.

Tick tock.


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Where to Begin?

In between the meetings during your day, here’s a few of the many chores and tasks on your plate:

  • There’s an inbox that needs sweeping.
  • New prospects need to be researched & added to the CRM.
  • Your pipeline needs updating & data entry.
  • Support tickets need pushing & reminding
  • Target prospects are due for a follow up email & call.
  • Oh, and don’t forget about the endless waves of dings, alerts and buzzes you’re bound to receive (and impulsively click through!)

Aren’t you excited to pick up your phone over 50 times and receive over 200 alerts ?

Sure you are..

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Your Choices: Revenue-Generating Activities or Low-Value Tasks?

Quick psychology lesson here!

When the human brain is overloaded, it’s hardwired to go the path of least resistance.

The brain’s core functions comprise the most advanced biological mechanism ever. Unfortunately, its lazy by default.

Its subconscious task is to keep us alive while spending the smallest amount of energy possible.

(Sales EQ by Jeb Blount is an amazing read for more on this if sales psychology is an interest)

So, when faced with the choices of lists of difficult, revenue-generating activities or easy, low-value tasks – what does it default to?

Not prospecting!

Unless you override your instincts, all of us will gravitate towards tasks that don’t put us in rejection’s way.

So, mission critical outbound prospecting will take a back seat while low-priority tasks drive your day.

And just like that, it’s 5:47pm. And you haven’t done what you need to fill your pipeline.

"The brain's core functions comprise the most advanced biological mechanism ever. Unfortunately, its lazy by default. "

Here's the Brutal Truth

As sales reps and leaders, here’s what we need to accept.

Human beings are not wired to handle the sheer volume of information & tasks we must consume & complete.

There’s not enough time in the day to manually complete everything (assuming you want to have anything that resembles a personal life outside of work).

Even the most talented, hardest working sales professionals need the right technology to maximize potential.

Think of it as Tony Stark with his Iron Man suit. Or James Bond with his various gadgets.

Iron Man - Tony Stark - Sales Productivity FoxBound - Blog

In the same way, we should automate data entry, accelerate research, and manage follow ups for sales teams.

If left to complete the mass amounts of sales tasks hand, your chances for hitting quota and achieving income goals lower dramatically.

Here's What You Can Do About It

Pipeline cleanliness is important, prospecting is mission critical. Sourcing and closing deals is above it all.

All of it has to get done (ideally, it should get done without working 70 hours a week).

To truly compete, you need a sales productivity stack that works for you. Don’t you want to make the most of your sales potential?

Here’s the good news!

The right tools can automate and streamline the many moving parts of a sales day.

Whether it’s manual data entry, prospecting, or anything in between – there’s a solution you can invest in to streamline the process.

Ask Yourself, What's The Value Of My Time?

Before you even think about looking at the market for tools, think about 2 things first.

  • First, you need quantify the value of your time on an hourly basis.
  • Second, estimate how much time you’re burning on time-consuming or tedious tasks.

For example..

  • Say you’re spending 5 hours a week manually creating new contacts in a CRM and let’s say your time is work at least $35 / hour.
  • Even by conservative estimates, you’re burning $175 a week.

Do you work 48 weeks a year? That’s 240 hours & $8,400 worth of time that could not only be saved, but also reinvested into revenue-generating activities.

Think about it. For every 5 hours you can save yourself per week, that’s an extra 6 weeks of your life back.

With an extra 6 weeks of time, what could you do?

You could probably work more strategically.. Set more meetings.. Close more deals.. Spend more time at home.. Travel to that dream destination..

So Where Do I Go From Here?

Based on best practices, we again suggest you first quantify the value of your time and understand where you’re spending it on an average week.

To save you at least an hour of messing around with creating a spreadsheet, we made one for you (you’re welcome).

Give it a download and spend a few minutes filling it out.

Then, check out 5 Types of Sales Tools To Unleash Your Productivity and learn more about how you can improve your craft.

Happy hunting!

Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio


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January 7th, 2020

Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio


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