How Technology can Simplify Sales Automation

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Overview of Sales Automation

Sales automation is simply the automation or the minimizing of human intervention of or in cyclical, repetitive, and even complex sales activities such as data analytics. Take, for example, data entry. As HubSpot discovered, 27% of salespeople spend more time inputting data into the CRM rather than on actual selling. With automation, that can be put out of the way so sales professionals can spend more time with leads and prospects instead. 

But what makes sales automation work? If you examine the technologies underneath the design that users interact with, you’ll find multiple layers of technology that drive efficiency in their jobs. 

For example, consider functionality such as big data, search and filter functions, a well-designed architecture, a mobile approach, and data entry & emailing tools.

1) Big Data

Big data are datasets that are either massive or complex that conventional data processing solutions cannot process. This also refers to the extraction of valuable insights from a large volume of information. This is a technology that is not common in sales automation software though it is easy to find in the most powerful options. After all, Statista forecasts that this 2019, global big data and analytics revenues would reach $189.1 billion. This is not surprising considering that in the survey, the market and consumer data provider uncovered that 59.5% of companies had decreased expenses after adopting big data solutions.

59.5% of companies report that they reduced their expenses after using big data platforms.

With big data being involved in prospecting automation, companies can analyze a larger bulk of their data to pinpoint which ones are the customers who fit the ideal customer profile. More than that, big data analytics platforms allow companies to predict with higher accuracy which ones are most likely to convert.

As a result, sales personnel can focus their efforts on the right leads to promote effective and faster growth. Regardless of your business’ size, you can get your hands even on SMB tools for selling.

2) Search & Filter

In sales, every second matters. That is why having information accessible at the fingertips of salespeople is crucial. This way, they can assist customers promptly and accurately. This would assist them in their efforts to convert leads, too, since they can give them a quick yet comprehensive rundown of products or services that may be beneficial to them. 

Additionally, search and filter technologies save time for your sales automation process when it comes to acquiring new clients. In an organization with a large repository of documents, even if the folders are arranged in a cohesive manner, it could still take time to find the right file, especially if there are multiple versions.

3) Architecture Built for Speed

Nobody likes having a software that is slow to respond. Not only is this frustrating, but it is also detrimental to the success of a transaction. Thus, organizations need a sales CRM that is built on top of an architecture that can execute commands rapidly. 

Fortunately, leading and even new CRMs offer fast response times no matter what action a user takes, from searching and finding a specific customer profile to sending brochures and other resources to leads. These things and more are possible because of the underlying architecture and design. With this, sales professionals could expect to be efficient in any task with digital sales automation. What’s more, they can look forward to closing more deals because of their prompt responses.

4) Mobile-Enabled Platform

According to the Pew Research Center Mobile Fact Sheet, 96% of Americans now have mobile phones. Of that number, 81% own smartphones while the remaining 15% only use cell phones. Moreover, 74% of U.S. adults own other devices such as laptops, tablet computers, and e-readers.

These numbers only mean that the majority of the U.S. population is embracing the digital. The same can also be said for the rest of the world. In fact, IBM shares in an article that the mobile workforce is estimated to be composed of 1.87 billion people by 2022. 

This is advantageous for those who are in the sales industry, as their job requires them to be on the move most of the time. Mobile devices make their jobs easier because they could capture clients’ signatures on the spot and present their company’s products or services to prospective customers when needed. Best of all, they would not have to relay the data they save on their devices manually to their system because the app would take care of synchronizing the latest changes automatically.

5) Data Entry & Email Technology

Previously, people would have to enter the same data repeatedly on multiple forms. But with automation, users can see relevant information input in the right fields even if they enter them only once. This would result in faster document processing, which paves the way for rapid deal closes.

Furthermore, there are sales email automation tools. These ensure that you are driving engagement for leads and prospects at the right moment with the correct message. Therefore, there would be no need to monitor their activities manually around the clock to make certain that sales personnel can strike the opportunity when it is at its hottest.

A Cautionary Tale

In 2018, Elon Musk and Tesla were having production woes with regard to their Model 3. The visionary behind the green car company revealed that at the root was too much automation and robots. To fix that, they put more humans in assembly lines. 

This is a tale that can happen in the sales sector as well. Automation can make the lives of sales personnel and customers easy. But too much of it can mean that consumers become disengaged. And when that happens, the sales take a blow because of the lack of investment from customers. That is why it is crucial that humans still take control over technology to make sure that it bears good fruit for the organization.

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