Morning Routine

You deserve to give yourself time in the morning. Sharpen your focus and prepare for the day ahead. 

Run This Play To:

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Just You!


10 Minutes


20-25 Minutes




Why Run This Play

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Preparing The Night Before (5 Minutes)

You have enough decisions to make in a day. Instead of thinking about what you’re going to wear or what caffeinated beverage you’re going to brew first in the morning, lay these items out the night prior. This allows you to launch right into your morning and spend more time on yourself. 

Hydrate and Energize (5 Minutes)

When the wakeup call beckons, don’t immediately reach for your phone. We promise, the world can wait a few more minutes for you.

  • After you hop out of bed, splash some cold water on your face.
  • Right after that, go down 20oz of water. Studies show that water to start the day increases metabolism and brain function.
  • Then, it’s time to wake the body up
    • Body squats: (2 to 4 sets) x 25 reps
  • Push-ups: (2 to 4 sets) x (10-25 reps)

 The objective is to raise your heart rate and get your blood flowing. Even if you can’t make it to the gym today, your body will thank you for a more natural wakeup ritual. 

Cleanse & Suit Up (5-10 Minutes)

Don’t call us crazy. Jump in the shower and alternate between warm/hot and cold water. The lower temperature and fluctuation will further activate your nervous system and increase brain function. 

And if you don’t want mess up your hair / don’t have time, at least put cold water on your face and around your neck. The purpose is to allow the cold to  activate brain cells and sharpen your mind before an ounce of caffeine hits your system. With your clothes laid out the night before, you can step right into whatever you need to wear for the day’s agenda. 


Making sure that your coffee is brewing before you hop in the shower will save you 3-5 valuable minutes! This is a MUST.

Meditate / Quiet Time (5-10 Minutes)

Now, enjoy your hot coffee that is ready when you get out of the shower. Savor the stillness that the early morning offers. Reflect on your day ahead and get ready to get after it. This point here is to enjoy some time by yourself before working to meet the needs & demands of the world around you.  


If you’re new to meditation, try this. As you sit in silence, just observe the thoughts in your mind and in the world around you. 

Nourish (5 Minutes)

If you’re a breakfast person – enjoy an efficient but nourishing bite to kickstart your system. If you’re short on time, grab a low-sugar and low-carb protein bar along with some fruit. 

Skip the sugar and starches and go heavier on protein and fruit. You’ll thank yourself later! There’s no time for crashing when you have a number to hit. 

Now That You've Crushed Your Morning Routine, Start Your Day!

At this point, you can get up to speed with what’s going on in the world. Wait to catch up on your phone’s notifications until you’ve had time for yourself. 

Enjoy starting the day with a clearer mind. Be happier, execute more, and increase your productivity. 

Remember that small changes compound into massive returns over time!

Go get em.


January 7th, 2020

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