FoxBound Company Updates - April 2020

Everything You Need to Know in 5 Minutes

There’s no escaping it, COVID-19 will continue to send shockwaves throughout all of our personal lives and across the global sales community. We’re living in uncertain times, and our thoughts are with all those affected by the pandemic’s continued spread. 

Circumstances aside, we all have to carry on. Here at FoxBound, we’d like to bring you up to speed on how we’re helping organizations and individuals traverse the road ahead.

FoxBound Company Updates - April 2020

We’ll expand on each key topic below. For a readability, here are the highlights. 

  1. Project ReBound: New initiative to support sales during the transition to remote work and in recovery from job loss
  2. R&D: our engineering efforts are not slowing down..
    • 7 releases already in 2020
    • Self-service payment gateway is now live; offers monthly and annual plans 
    • Deployed advanced filtering and search options
    • Released new Enablement area to provide in-app support
    • Completed Dashboard overhaul
    • Launched platform redesign initiative
    • Optimized DataDen search & profile pages
    • Announcing release of new functionality and products (read more below)
  3. Services & Solutions: We’re offering new sales services and solutions
  4. Other
    • ProductHunt launch scheduled for next week
    • Affiliate Program is coming soon
    • Please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way

Project ReBound

The battle back to a so-called “normal” world is bigger than any single individual, organization, or nation. 

We’re all firsthand witnesses to the collateral economic damage stemming from from the the pandemic. People are losing their jobs. Companies are shutting down. Pipelines are stalling. Hiring is freezing. 

But for all the collective hardship and tragedy that we see, there are countless cases of people stepping up to help. 

We believe that we all have a part to play. And in the war against an invisible enemy, there’s no room for sitting idly on the sidelines. 

So, earlier in March, we launched Project ReBound to help the sales community get back on its feet. Here’s a quick look at the initiative.


The world quickly figured out that there’s a difference between remote work – and remote work during a global pandemic..

Even as a fully remote organization spread across the world, FoxBound was no exception to the pandemic’s disruption. However, we do have a strong sense of what practices do & don’t work in normal times. In turn, this has allowed us to adapt quickly to continue serving the sales community

On the Project ReBound homepage, you’ll find:

  • A compilation of tools for sales and remote work
  • Links to job postings for those that have lost their positions (coming soon)
  • Curated resources on remote sales, leadership, psychology, and more
  • Discounts on tools, including ours (details below)


Historically, we’ve operated with a 2-week trial. Now, you can sign up & use FoxBound’s new Starter Plan for free. 

Per month, Starter Plan users get 25 data credits and can send 75 emails. By request, we’ll approve up to 4 additional free Starter licenses for the same Team. We’ll also consider modest bumps in credits and email delivery on a case-by-case basis. 

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here.


To help alleviate economic burden, we are offering a pre-approved 30% discount for all monthly & annual plans. 

From your FoxBound account, simply:

  1. Go to Billing
  2. Pick a plan
  3. Apply the code
If you have an account, you can go straight to Billing here. 


Last week, we also released a 40+ page ebook with resources focused on the following topics: 

  1. Taking action in a crisis
  2. Managing your mindset
  3. Recalibrating daily routines
  4. Essential equipment for remote work
  5. Connecting with customers
  6. Prospecting in a crisis

This rounds out what we’re doing so far as a part of Project ReBound. We’ll also be launching our resources on ProductHunt next week. we’d love your help in sharing this across the global sales community!

R&D Updates and Product Roadmap Annoucements

A separate post is needed to properly cover everything we’ve released in recent months. 

Our team has worked relentlessly to continue pushing new upgrades and features. In Q1 alone, we had 6 major releases and dozens of smaller deployments.

Here’s a briefing of where we’ve been, what we’re working on, and what’s coming down the pipe.


A quick breakdown from the last few months (we’ve been busy):

  • Enabled Self-Service with our new Billing area and Stripe-powered payment gateway
  • Introduced the  Enablement module to make it faster to learn the platform and become a FoxBound expert
  • Delivered advanced filtering and search to make it easier to manage data
  • Optimizations to DataDen and DataScout
  • Rebuilt the main Dashboard to centrally manage everything from one view
  • Numerous UI/UX improvements to enhance usability and speed
  • Upgrades to Lists which include quick filters, cloning, and more


Pursuit is planned to make major strides in the coming weeks. 

First, we’re making improvements to the existing experience. This will come in the form of better contact & company views, easier personalization, and stronger reporting capabilities. 

Second, we’re also working on building a new Workflow-based campaign experience. This has been one of the most commonly-requested capabilities from our community.

Here’s a quick peek at the prototype which includes new Call and Social steps, split paths with conditional logic, and wait time. 

We expect this to be in beta-ready form by early May. IN the meantime, feel free to share your feedback & needs with us so that we can make this the best it can be!

In addition to Workflows, here’s the other Sales Engagement enhancements that are in the works:

  • Labels and tags to better segment your data
  • New task management to prioritize your sales workday
  • VoIP integration to make phone calls through FoxBound
  • Improvements to personalization window to write even more engaging emails
  • More control over scheduling to further ensure you’re sending the right message at the right time. 


Aside from the above, there’s quite a bit planned on our roadmap. Here’s a few of the many items that we’re most excited about for our customers & community:

  • Upgrades to the Reporting area to deliver individual and team analytics
  • Introduction of email “Components” within the Templates area to make email copywriting faster (compilation of subject lines, openers, bodies, and closers)
  • Enhancements to Administration to make user management and customization more user-friendly 
  • Custom fields, Company and Contact “ownership,” and statuses 
  • Re-verification of existing emails within the app and from your imported records
  • Improvement to data import (CSV and CRM integration)

Have a feature request that you don’t see here? Let us know!

New Services and Solutions Offerings

As a business, we will continue to be a “product-led” organization. This allows us to focus on executing our aggressive roadmap while also providing fanatical customer support. 

However, we know that success in sales takes more than just a tool.

Process has to be created and optimized. Strategy has to be theorized and implemented. Messaging has to be created and deployed. And new customers and additional team members will always need training and support through change management.

To support our community, we’re releasing new Sales Services and are teaming up with new allies to provide key solutions. 

Now – more than ever – messaging, efficiency, adoption execution are critically important. Here’s how we can help you go further, faster with professional sales services.


We created the Onboarding Accelerator Pack to ensure quick time-to-value for new (and existing) FoxBound customers. This includes:

  • Tooling and process audit to offer ideas for reclaiming time and boosting productivity
  • Review of your business & sales objectives
  • Change management best practices as you migrate to FoxBound
  • Guided account setup with administrators and owners
  • Tactical platform training  for end users
  • After, your team will receive a customized Prospect Playbook for ongoing use

We had planned to release this service in May at a rate of $1,199. With the global economic hardship, we decided to release this earlier and at a $649 flat fee. 

You can learn more here and book a 30-minute session with us to see if this is right for you and your team. 


In addition to the onboarding service, we’re also forming an offering that will be available to our customers (and prospective customers). This will be provided in collaboration with the Sales Acceleration Experts at Uproar Partners

  • Company-specific playbook and definitions: product, messaging, competition, etc
  • Persona creation & content mapping
  • Creation of sales sequences/campaigns
  • Technology review & optimization

A webpage with more information will be available soon. In the meantime, please contact us for more info. 


We’re teaming up with the CRM experts at OMI, an Atlanta-based Salesforce and Microsoft solutions company. Through this, you now have direct access to these services

  • Custom FoxBound integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft, and Nimble
  • Salesforce Services: consulting, implementation, development, and administration
  • Business process consulting and data analysis 
  • Marketing Automation for Salesforce – OMI’s 366 Degrees Platform

A dedicated page with extra information will be available soon. In the interim, please contact us to learn more.

A Few Final Updates

That just about covers it. A few more final updates before closing out:
  • Look out for us launching Project ReBound on ProductHunt next week 
  • We’re actively forming a new Affiliate Program to make it easy to team up with us and introduce a new revenues stream for your business. More details are on the way. 
  • We’re continuing to make every effort to be available to our customers throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Please reach out to us if we can help in any way.
Beyond that, we wish you and your family a great weekend. Stay safe & healthy!
Zach Sergio

Zach Sergio

Co-Founder, COO

Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez

Co-Founder, CEO

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